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What's new this week with Civitai - 6/30/23


What's new this week with Civitai

- Interested in working with us? We've got several new positions open, check them out:

- We ran the first tech test of our new image generation system. Thanks to all of you that participated in the trial! You helped adequately break things and we hope to be out of the workshop and back at it soon!

- Search overhaul: It's no secret that searching on the site currently feels like pulling teeth. Next week will be a full sprint on improving the search experience!

Community Spotlight: Resources

Please someone use this on the mona lisa, it's begging for it.


Really cool

Fun Stats

- 3,143 New resources

- 11.1M Downloads (12.7PB of downloads)

- 9.3k New reviews

- 9.5k New comments

- 16.3k New posts

- 93 New articles

- 264 New creators

- 68.8k New images

- 235k New image reactions