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A guide to Regional Prompter



This is a short guide on how to use the Regional Prompter extension for Automatic1111. You can install the extension directly from the WebUi under the extension tab.

I've written this guide after having been asked how to use the extension. It is by no mean meant to be extensive ; it merely showcases the method I've been using with which i've achieved results.

What you can do with Regional Prompter :
-Accurate character appearances between multiple characters : no more “bleeding” from one to the others. Yes, this includes character Loras.

-Extended control over the background : define what’s in your background with more accuracy. Want that potted plant on the left? We got you.

-Multiple views : with RP it becomes really easy to make multiple view scenes without having to do photoshop montage or what not.

-Probably lots of more cool things but that's mainly what I've been using it for.