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PicX_real - image creation contest (sfw) /final round

10,000 BUZZ
Started: Feb 8, 2024
Bounty Type
Image Creation
Base Model
SD 1.5
Feb 8, 2024
Feb 28, 2024

About this bounty

Three rules for participation:

  1. Create one sfw-image on the topic listed below using PicX_real - no naked body and no explicit horror (no more than one image, choose the best one in your opinion)

  2. Your image must be original (copying other people's prompting and ideas will be appreciated significantly lower)

  3. Your image was created without using of post-processing and inpainting (allowed: loras/embeddings/hires.fix/adetailer; not allowed: manual inpainting, img2img, editing in photoeditors)


  • an image with a twist (not just portrait/upperbody in different poses and the like, where just a girl is just dressed/undressed - it should be something different, demonstrating imagination and creative approach: it may be an unusual angle, a sudden combination of some entities, something that we rarely see in the civitai feed and that we would like to see there more often)


  • participation: 09-20.02

  • results: 21.02


  • 1st place (1 award) - 9000 buzz

  • 2st place (2 awards) - 3000 buzz

  • 3st place (3 awards) - 1500 buzz

The winner will be chosen by me personally, but I will try not to ignore everyone who tries hard. I will be glad to see your images!

*if nsfw-theme is closer to you, there is a similar contest for nsfw

*since the bounty system does not allow to assign more than one winner, I will transfer the rest buzz directly via tip with a comment about the place

*a deadline is set for a longer period, just so that bugs cannot affect how the contests will be held, the actual dates are written in the description