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AniThing - 30000 Buzz Bounty

15,000 BUZZ
Started: Feb 27, 2024
1.5 checkpoint2 weeksanithing
Bounty Type
Image Creation
Base Model
SD 1.5
Feb 27, 2024
Mar 11, 2024

About this bounty

Guys&Girls, here's the tastiest and easiest bounty in history 😂

I would like to broaden the popularity of AniThing, the latest model I created.

I believe it has a lot of untapped potential.

So here's the challenge!

The bounty will have a total prize of 30000 buzz

The best images, which will be voted by the civitai users themselves, who will receive the most emoticons (👍🏻❤️😂) will have a reward divided as follows:

1) 15000 buzzes

2) 10000 buzzes

3) 5000 buzzes

  • No limit on the number of images.

  • in the event of a tie, the prize will be divided by the number of winners

  • Adetailer and Hires.fix are permitted (and I really appreciate if you use them)

  • If you are a my supporter or a Civitai supporter and you have AniThing v1.1, you can use it

  • The prompt and the model used must be visible

  • Image size must be: 512x904 pixel (Vertical)

  • upscaling is permitted (maintenance the same proportion of 512x904)

  • Images must be SFW (Safe for Work) - (Sexy Attire tag is permitted)

  • I only ask you to limit the use of LoRa as much as possible, precisely because I want to show what this model can do natively, without excessive support from other applied models.

Little help (is only a suggestion) for those who want to push realism:

  • Positive prompt:

(masterpiece, best quality, highres:1.2), (photorealistic:1.2), raw photo, "YOUR PROMPT"

  • Negative prompt:

cartoon, painting, illustration, (grayscale:1.4), normal quality:1.8, 3D rendering, ugly

  • cfg 3

  • 15/20 steps


  • DPM++ 2M Karras

  • Euler a

  • Starter

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