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Civitai: Artists and AI

As AI technology continues to advance, many industries are exploring new ways to incorporate this technology into their operations. At Civitai, we believe that traditional artists should not be left behind in this digital revolution. That's why we are committed to supporting artists as AI develops.

Artist Imitation

We understand that artists may feel frustrated when their work is imitated by AI models without their permission. That's why we are adding a new reporting feature to our platform called "This uses my art". If you believe that one of the uploaded AI models is using your art without permission, you can fill out a simple form with your name, contact information, examples of your work, and whether you would be interested in creating an official model of your style.

Once we receive your report, we will review the claim and follow up with you. If the claim is valid, the model in question will be de-listed and a "Request official model" button will be added to the page, along with a count of the number of users who have expressed interest in an official model. If the claim is invalid, the model will remain available for download.

How artists and model creators can monetize their work

We also want to help artists monetize their work and styles with AI. Many popular artists charge high commissions for their work, which can be out of reach for many of their fans. To address this, we are working on a new initiative to partner with artists and create official AI models of their styles.

These official models will allow fans to generate images using the artist's unique style for as little as $1. This will enable fans to own and cherish a piece of art that would otherwise be unaffordable. Of the proceeds, 70% will go to the artist and/or model creator, while the remaining 30% will be used to cover the cost of image generation and platform maintenance.

In the future, we believe that AI and art will continue to evolve together, creating new and exciting possibilities for artists. At Civitai, we are dedicated to supporting artists and model creators as they explore these possibilities and push the boundaries of what is possible with AI.

The above statement was written by ChatGPT, but is no less true because of it, just like how art generated by AI is no less art. We look forward to working with artists and model creators to continue to offer thousands of models ethically.

We've been blown away by the support and love from the AI art community, this small passion project has become so much more. We have some exciting things in the works and can't wait to share them with you!