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Welcome to Clubs

Clubs are communities managed by Creators to share additional content with their Club members.

Clubs on Civitai offer Creators the same opportunities they have on platforms like Ko-fi and Patreon, but with direct integration into Civitai, enhancing content visibility and discoverability, while offering fans new ways to support and engage their favorite creators.

At present, Clubs operate on an invitation-only basis. We're collaborating with Creators who share our commitment to maintaining free access to their standard content, while offering additional perks to their supporters. This approach ensures the spirit of open sharing remains central. We're excited about expanding the feature and will continue inviting more creators to join the Club system as we move forward.

Clubs can either be free or require Buzz to access. All Civitai users can earn Buzz by actively engaging with the greater Civitai community — whether that's through posting images, creating resources, winning Bounties, entering contests, etc. This system allows fans to access a Creator's exclusive content without spending any money, simply by being an active part of our community.

You can learn more about Clubs and how they work on our introduction article