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Content Rules: Minors

As our community grows, we're committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for everyone. We are dedicated to harnessing the potential of AI responsibly, prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of minors. In line with this, we've refined our guidelines for content depicting minors.

Depicting Minors

Portraying minors in any inappropriate or suggestive context is strictly prohibited. This includes:

  1. Clothing: All attire should be age-appropriate and conservative. The benchmark is elementary, middle, and high school dress codes. Ask, "Would this outfit be suitable for a school day?" If not, refrain from using it.
  2. Photorealism: Photorealistic images that could be mistaken for a real minor are strictly prohibited.
  3. Poses: Poses should be natural, innocent, and age-appropriate. Avoid any poses and facial expressions that could be misinterpreted as suggestive or inappropriate.
  4. Interactions: Interactions between minors and adults, or between minors themselves, should be appropriate, non-suggestive, and common in a wholesome, everyday context.


Q: How are these guidelines enforced?

A: Every uploaded image undergoes AI content and moderation tagging (utilizing Amazon Rekognition) to automatically flag potentially inappropriate content. If a model is marked as representing a minor and the image contains either inappropriate content or is photorealistic, it's reviewed by a human moderator before being allowed on the site. Our AI detection isn't perfect, so if you spot something, please report it.

Q: How can I report content that I believe violates the community guidelines?

A: If you find content that doesn't adhere to our guidelines, especially concerning minors, don't hesitate to report it. A "Report" button is available on most images and models throughout the site. If you can't find it, you can reach out to our moderators on our Discord server. Your vigilance helps us maintain a safe and respectful community.

Q: Why are you so strict about this?

A: Great question! We have two key reasons:

  1. Ethical: Child exploitation is universally unacceptable. Our guidelines are designed to protect and respect the dignity of all individuals, especially minors.
  2. Legal: Being a US-based entity, we're obliged to follow laws governing content involving minors.

Q: I've used terms that invoke youth in my prompt, but the image doesn't resemble that. Is that okay?

A: Be cautious with terms related to minors. Avoid terms that suggest the likeness of minors with mature or suggestive themes, or with the intent to create photorealism, even if the resulting image doesn't resemble a minor.

Q: How do you determine if a character is a minor or not?

A: Our evaluation is based on both the specific image and its context. For example, characters in a school setting are usually assumed to be school-aged. We avoid setting strict definitions to prevent users from pushing the boundaries. Our priority is a safe and respectful environment for all.

Q: My resource is meant to depict a fictional character who is a minor. Can I depict them in a manner that is not age-appropriate?

A: No, we apply the same standards to fictional characters who are minors as we do to real-life minors. They should be depicted in an age-appropriate manner.

Q: Are there any restrictions on using AI to create child-like models?

A: Yes, creating photorealistic models of minors is strictly prohibited.

Q: What happens if someone repeatedly violates the community guidelines?

A: We take guideline violations seriously. We have a 0 strike policy for violations involving minors. Offending content will be removed, and the uploader will be banned from the platform.

Q: I'm not sure if my content adheres to the guidelines. What should I do?

A: When in doubt, err on the side of caution. Contact our moderation team with questions or concerns before posting your content. We're here to assist!

Q: Can I provide feedback or suggest changes to the community guidelines?

A: Absolutely! Your input is valuable to us. If you have suggestions for improving the guidelines or notice something we missed, let us know by submitting feedback or reaching out to us on Discord.

Remember, these guidelines are here to ensure our community remains a safe, respectful, and constructive space for all. With your cooperation and input, we can make this community a shining example of responsible and creative use of AI.