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Introducing the
Civitai Creators Program

One of the core tenets of Civitai is that creators should be able to monetize their work. The Civitai Creators Program is the pathway for creators on Civitai to getting paid for their contributions

New ways to earn buzz

Get paid for your buzz

All new perks

Exclusive perks

Members of the Creator Program enjoy a number of exclusive perks
Early access to test new creator tools
A direct communication channel to the Civitai Team
Civitai will pay you for your Buzz

How you’re paid

Civitai will pay Creators within the program $1.00 USD for every 1,000
At the time of payment Civitai will take a 30% platform fee.

New ways to earn Buzz

As a valued member of the Creators Program, you get 3 new ways to earn buzz
For every unique user that downloads your early access resource
For every 1,000 images generated on-site using one of your resources
Resources may only be in early access for a maximum of 14 days and then must be made available to all users

How do I join?

Creators interested in joining the program must meet the following requirements:
Reside within a supported country
Account is in good standing
Be 18 or older
Apply now
For this batch we are accepting 50 creators. To apply you must meet the following requirements:
Applications will be prioritized by:
Unique Downloads
Unique Generations
Unique Reaction To Your Content
Unique Engagement (comments/reviews)

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