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Updated: Nov 8, 2023
base model
Checkpoint Merge
Nov 7, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 92,000
Epochs: 200

v3.0: This version was created by training version 1.5 on over 500 images with 92000 epochs. For this purpose, efforts were made to achieve SDXL quality. It gives better results at higher resolutions. Does not require VAE. Clip skip 1 and 2 give good results. I recommend using after detailer to enhance faces at low resolutions.

This model was created by mixing several different models with each other after patient and hard trials. It is the perfect choice for creating realistic looking anime pictures. You can also create more linear images by entering the correct prompts.

As a sampling method, Euler A provides excellent results.

CFG Scale must be at least 7 and Sampling steps must be at least 20.

I recommend using "4x-AnimeSharp" or "R-ESRGAN 4X+ Anime6B" as upscaler.

I usually use Clip Skip as 2 but 1 also gives good results

"Bad-hands-5", "bad_pictures" and "EasyNegative" are great for negative embedding.

I generally prefer to use hires fix instead of using restore faces. Restored faces often damage the expressions on the faces and the originality of the eyes.

I recommend adding negative embeddings and using hires fix to get decent results. Let your Hires fix steps be at least half of your sampling steps. Believe me, it will be worth it.

I can't do model training yet. For now, I'm just merging. I download gigabytes of files from civitai every day and now I have 5TB of data :) on the other hand, I'm trying to learn. I am trying to get proper results by mixing the appropriate loras and checkpoints with each other in certain proportions and I share the results that I find successful with you. Sometimes I don't remember what materials were included in the final model because I mixed too much. I guess I'll have to keep a long list to get around the problem. Very soon I will start to share the loras that I have produced myself. Sorry for my english because i don't know english :)

My work will continue...

After this work, a coffee wouldn't be bad at all.