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Abyssal Tech - World Morph Reviews

What i really love about the author navimixu, is the (extremly) useful tips and fun ideas in the description. <3 Thank you a lot for putting in that much effort and heart.

The LORA is - as always - a full service packet of unbelievable goodies. Since i already tried a few LORA of the creator before, i was able to start right away. Short prompts work wonders, detailing a lot of subjects do crazy stuff (but mostly of the good kind).
Even there is a lot of dark blueish neon colors and glow, this LORA is perfectly able to create colorful images (as you can see in the images i posted to this review.)

If you like your creations taking a turn to the dark side, you should defintatly give it a try.

Great work! Great LORA.
Thanks a lot to te artist for creating and sharing Abyssal Tech. <3