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Dungeons N Waifu's - v2.2 - (2.5D FANTASY MODEL)

Pruned SafeTensor
Checkpoint Merge
Mar 10, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
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πŸ”₯πŸ‰ NOW UPDATED TO V2.2! w/ BUILT IN NOISE OFFSET! πŸ‰πŸ”₯ ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝


A handpicked and curated merge of the best of the best in fantasy world, character & creature design. Should serve as a bit of a swiss army knife / multi-tool to create any and all fantasy art, character concepts, portraits, designs, locations, & even a bit of n00ds. I’ve yet to find what this can’t handleβ—πŸŽ¨

Specializes in painterly, semi realistic to realistic illustration, and artists based prompts, but can do design work, vector illustrations, logos, and a bit of anime as well.

Works best from 7-13.5 CFG and up 20-70 STEPS imho. YMMV!


Note on the Versions:

Keep in mind this merged model has been evolving… So the 1.6 version is not very similar to the 2.2 version or visa-versa. Yes, they both produce good results but the result you get will be different. (I tried to illustrate this in the example images if you flip between versions.)

If you find yourself asking β€œwhich is the right version?” If you’re new to SD and want an easy ride choose version 1.0 or 1.6 both are consistent and work quite well. I still use 1.6 for some things from time to time. If you want darker more detailed environments and detailed shading choose 2.0 or 2.2 but realize that 2.0 & 2.2 are a little more demanding from the prompt maker in order to get the exact result you want.

There is no embedded VAE in this (other than ones included in the merges) but one of these should work fine: (click the links)

☞ vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned.ckpt

*** Note: that the example images are provided as a basis of reference and raw output. In most cases untouched other than mild inpainting for the eyes or face in a few examples. *** THESE SHOULD BE EASILY REPRODUCIBLE RESULTS! IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK πŸ—ͺ

There are pruned & non pruned versions available if you use the pulldown. This is better for merging & testing. Otherwise use the pruned. πŸ‘

πŸ—ˆ PLEASE NOTE: All of the originals have their own attributions so these must be followed to use this.

I was asked recently how to get higher quality images like the examples and about blurred eyes and faces:

Blurred eyes, or sometimes warped faces are not that uncommon in SD and sometimes require an inpaint to pull off. Most of my examples are not inpainted. But a few are.

First off when you run txt2img ALWAYS use HIRES FIX!

latent (nearest or exact) upscale / denoise 0.4-0.7 (Complete variable - depends on the type and complexity of the image. YMMV!)

Upscale by 1.5-2 but no more than that.

This will get you a pretty good base image to work with.

Afterwards… You can always send your txt2img picture to inpaint on the bottom right under the result area > select the face or eyes > lower the denoise strength to 0.5-0.57. > make sure your seed is set to random.

masked content = fill / inpaint area = whole picture ====== for faces

masked content = fill / inpaint area = only masked ====== for eyes

With β€œwhole picture” selected for larger inpaint target aka faces (or hands) you may need the denoise to be lower to pick up more of the original image. 0.53-0.56

Now with β€œonly masked” and a smaller target like eyes you get a little more freedom so your denoise can be 0.54-0.57

Run a batch of 4-5 (or more) for the faces… go through pick the best one… if you’re lucky you got the eyes and face in one go… if not you may need to choose the best face… send back to inpaint again… select just the eyes… and rerun a new batch (changing it to only masked and the settings described above for eyes.)

Finally when you get it all together send to extras:

Resize to 1.5-2

Upscale 1= Nearest
Upscale 2= R-ESERGAN 2x or 4x
But google & get yourself Remacri Upscaler , Lollypop Upscaler , 4x_NMKD_Superscale-SP_178000_G

Upscaler 2 is what will get you there. If you want super sharp / realism images you choose NMKD

You want a good all around upscaler that can do nearly any subject you choose Remacri

If you’re working on toons, anime, animated, cell shaded you choose Lollypop

Each of these is unique and so is their outputs if you want to compare simply change the pull down and run off the various types and contrast / compare the finished results.

For the more advanced upscale: Get yourself Ultimate SD Upscale
(click the link for a basic tutorial on how to get it and how to use it.)

Good Luck & Have Fun!