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The Simpsons

Updated: Dec 10, 2022
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Checkpoint Trained
Dec 9, 2022
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 10,000
Trigger Words
asim style

Originally posted to HuggingFace by PiyarSquare and shared on Reddit

Use asim style in your prompts. The model has some trouble with double pupils and no pupils.

I am excited to see what people do with this and I would like to improve the eyes, if anyone has suggestions.

Recommended Prompts:

For People/Characters: asim style. dramatic beautiful { headshot | portrait } of __person__ {outside { in a garden | in a desert | on a mountain top | at a roman ruin} {at sunrise | at sunset | on an overcast afternoon | in the rain | in the snow | at night} | inside {a fancy living room | on a movie set | a vast empty dark space | a kaleidoscope | an ancient library} with {spotlights | neon lights | soft mood lighting | firefly lights } }. detailed background.

For animals: asim style. dramatic closeup national geographic image of a __animal__ in its natural habitat. at {sunrise|sunset|night}. detailed background.

For Structures: asim style. + random prompt from the internet of cool looking structures: steampunk library, tower of babel, tree house, haunted victorian.

For Biomes: asim style. a beautiful {summer | autumn | winter | spring } landscape panorama painting of __biome__ {at sunrise | at sunset | on an overcast afternoon | in the rain | in the snow | at night}

For Famous Places: asim style. a beautiful panorama view of __places__ {at sunrise | at sunset | on a cloudy afternoon | in the rain | covered in snow}.

Flowers: asim style. a beautiful vase of __flower__ flowers. on a balcony table at { sunrise | sunset | night} . nearby a {bottle of {beer | wine} and a half-empty glass | bowl of fruit}.

Recommended Negative Prompts:

watermark, text, signature, cross-eyed