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Checkpoint Trained
Feb 14, 2024
Base Model
SDXL 1.0

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NightVisionXL started as a lightly trained, photography focused SDXL model that specialized in photographic output. Over the past few months, NightVision has received dozens of trainings and tunings chasing the dragon that is pleasing aesthetic output. With the release of version 8.X, I feel like I'm much closer to my goal of effortless beautiful output that is aesthetically pleasing without requiring confusing negatives or comma separated nonsense.

NightVisionXL speaks natural language. Prompt it like you would describe a scene to a human being, and you'll be surprised by how well it can understand and comprehend your prompts.

I'm trying something new with V8 of NightVision, and I hope the results show in the output. I continue to scrape beautiful imagery that I think will train well, and this particular update is no exception with hundreds of beautiful license free AI images that I've sourced from MJ, Dalle3, Civit, Playground and my own outputs. On top of that, I'm also utilizing HF datasets for license free photography and the LAION-POP dataset, filtered to remove low quality images prior to training. Captioning is done using my own Spicy Burrito captioning tool (available to my Patreon subscribers on discord!) that creates incredibly verbose and effective captions that are essential for good coherent output.

On a final note, I've had multiple requests to "turbo-ize" this model. I have no plans to mix turbo into NightVision, as the licensing on NightVision is nice and open right now with the SDXL licensing, and I'd like to keep it that way. NightVision isn't fast, but I promise you the longer gen times are worth the wait!

This is NightVision XL, a lightly trained base SDXL model that is then further refined with community LORAs to get it to where it is now. NightVision XL has been refined and biased to produce touched-up photorealistic portrait output that is ready-stylized for Social media posting! NightVision XL has nice coherency and is avoiding some of the weird body issues and biases that are starting to plague some of the other photorealistic models. Further, NightVision XL produces rich deep blacks and great evening/night time scenes. It can also produce ridiculously bright output as well!

NightVision XL is capable of both SFW and NSFW output. As with all of my other models, tools and embeddings, NightVision XL is easy to use, preferring simple prompts and letting the model do the heavy lifting for scene building.

NOTE - This version includes a baked VAE, no need to download or use the "suggested" external VAE.


The SDXL refiner is incompatible and you will have reduced quality output if you try to use the base model refiner with NightVision XL.

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