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FormulaXL - 公式XL (ComfyUI)

Checkpoint Trained
Sep 12, 2023
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
Steps: 14,500
Epochs: 25

Now that you have been lured into the trap by the synthography on the cover, welcome to my alchemy workshop!

***Update*** I finally managed to upload v2.0 to Tensor.Art. If you want you can try a "demo" version of the model there for free without downloading anything. I put the best settings for that UI under the cover image on that same site:

****更新**** 我终于成功地将 v2.0 上传到了 Tensor.Art。如果你愿意,可以在那里免费试用模型的 "演示 "版,无需下载任何东西。我把用户界面的最佳设置放在了该网站的封面图片下:

WHAT is the formula for FormulaXL? 什么是 XL 配方?

FormulaXL v1.0 = more artistic.
FormulaXL v2.0 = more anatomically realistic.

One is not better than the other; they are complementary. My suggestion is that if you want to make something that is not about the human body, the best choice is definitely v1.0. On the other hand, if you want something only human and photorealistic, the best choice is v2.0. What about hybrids? Try both and see which result convinces you more with your prompt!

Full fp32 versions are here only for those who want to train them on their own custom Lora.

How to use them? First install ComfyUI:

Put the model downloaded here and the SDXL refiner in the folder:


SDXL refiner:

Download the upscaler frome here:

And put in the folder:


Then install the ComfyUI Manager version:

Now download this JSON file from here:

Drag and drop it into your ComfyUI browser UI. An error message will appear. Click on close. Then click on Manager in the small UI menu. Then click on "Install Missing Custom Nodes." In the new menu press on "Install" starting from the top one at a time. Between each click wait for the previous one to finish the process. It may take longer for some than others, so do not be afraid and wait.
When this is done, click close. Close again. And close the web screen and the black ComfyUI screen.

Now restart ComfyUI. Let it do everything automatically until the workflow appears. It will take a while. Now no error messages should appear. To be safe, close everything again and restart. Ta dan! Ready to use. Enjoy.

公式XL v1.0 = 更具艺术性。
公式XL v2.0 = 更符合解剖学原理。

一个并不比另一个好,它们是互补的。我的建议是,如果你想制作与人体无关的东西,最好的选择肯定是 v1.0。另一方面,如果你想要的只是人体和逼真的东西,最好的选择是 v2.0。那么混合版本呢?两种都试一试,看看哪种结果更能让您信服!

完整的 fp32 版本只为那些想在自己的定制版 Lora 上训练它们的人准备。

如何使用?首先安装 ComfyUI:

将在此下载的模型和 SDXL refiner 放入文件夹:


SDXL refiner:




然后安装 ComfyUI 管理器版本:

现在从这里下载这个 JSON 文件:

将其拖放到 ComfyUI 浏览器用户界面中。此时会出现一条错误信息。点击关闭。然后点击用户界面小菜单中的 "管理器"。然后点击 "安装缺失的自定义节点"。在新菜单中点击 "安装",从顶部开始一次一个。每次点击之间都要等待前一次点击完成。有些人可能需要更长的时间,请不要害怕,耐心等待。
完成后,点击关闭。再次关闭。然后关闭网页屏幕和 ComfyUI 黑色屏幕。

现在重新启动 ComfyUI。让它自动完成一切,直到工作流程出现。这需要一段时间。现在应该不会出现错误信息了。为了安全起见,请再次关闭一切并重新启动。大功告成!可以使用了。尽情享受吧


WHO is FormulaXL?

Hello there, I'm Marco, and I'm your friendly neighborhood nerd.
Thanks to the collaboration with:
1) Giovanna: Italian photographer, instructor and popularizer of digital photographic development. (Giovanna Griffo - Wikipedia)
2) Massimo: the man who has been working in the field of graphic design for forty years.
3) Tiziana: traditional artist who studied painting at Academy of Fine Arts and Depero Art Institute: Graphic Photography and Cinematography.
4) Stefano: expert in Photoshop, Lightroom, technology and general photo retouching with any modern devilry.

The Power Rangers are pleased to present FormulaXL.

WHERE is FormulaXL?

Italy is pleased to participate in the international community in the creation of open source content for the betterment and advancement of the human race. We now have pizza, mafia, mandolin and AI.

WHEN is FormulaXL?

It's happening now! From February 2023, I started to become passionate about AI. After a brief flirtation with Midjourney, Giovanna introduced me to Stable Diffusion. And it was love at first sight. We started dating constantly, and now that she has had the surgery to become XL, I can no longer stay away from her. So I decided to throw my head, soul and heart into it to learn how to use and train her to the best of my ability. Also asking some great people around me to help me with the project. In the future, I hope to upgrade my Hardware to better meet her needs. If you know what I mean.

WHY FormulaXL?

The word Formula is the same in Italian and English. The etymology comes from Latin: formula, form, "shape."
Since Stable Diffusion's AI gives us the ability to shape our thoughts through words, it seemed the most appropriate one.
In addition, the writing of the prompts and the various settings for creating the final synthography are very reminiscent of the old alchemical recipes that started from elements of the most disparate kinds to compete for the creation of the perfect potion. In case of failure, the laboratory explosion. Something that mixes science and magic, awareness and luck, a bit like AI.

The philosophy behind this model is very simple: Less is More. My model will not return flavor-laden images unless you ask for them, only high quality. Imagine you are in a restaurant. And you order a portion of French fries. My model will bring you an excellent portion of fries. But there will be no salt, ketchup or mayonnaise etc. already added. They will be there available on the table. You will be able to take the fries and pass them through img2img, Photoshop, Lora, Lycoris, Lightroom, more prompt etc. To your personal taste.
This is the Mediterranean cuisine.


Let me know what you think! Give me feedback, criticism, pats on the back. Use the model, experiment with your wonderful imagination and show me here what you are able to accomplish. I only used simple prompts for the beta test to make sure it didn't derail. I look forward to admiring your geeky results.

If you would like to support the project and help me here is the part where I am begging: