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Juggernaut XL

Checkpoint Trained
Feb 18, 2024
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
Steps: 1,900,000
Holiday 2023: Golden Donor
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Run the SFW Version on RunDiffusion

Prompting Guide Version X (Beginners)
Detailed Prompting Guide by Adam (Highly Recommended)

Juggernaut X on HuggingFace

A big thanks for Version X goes to RunDiffusion (Photo Model) and Adam, who diligently helped me test :) (Leave some love for them ;) )


As promised, a faster version (Hyper) of Juggernaut for those of you with lower PC hardware. I hope this helps you :) At the same time, I've linked a new detailed guide from Adam above. I recommend, especially for Hyper, checking out the guide. It should help you significantly more than my own.

As a community member pointed out to me, ByteDance has announced a Hyper version with higher CFG. As soon as these are released, I will sit down and see if another release is worthwhile :)

The recommended settings can be found a bit further down or under "About This Version". For everything else, as I've already mentioned, I recommend Adam's guide

On to a new round!

With version X, the framework of Juggernaut has been completely rebuilt and captioned with GPT4 Vision. Additionally, the base set has received a completely new structure, which should make it easier for you to prompt certain areas (such as Full Body, Midshot, Portrait, for example).

I'll spare you lengthy speeches about prompting. The Prompting Guide should help you more in these areas than a few words in the description ;)

Some areas require multiple attempts to achieve a good result. Especially notable are the "Text","Male Genitalia" and "Hand Poses" areas. All are possible with the model but are still in a "development phase."

For those who have followed my journey in the past, you may remember that I put SD 1.5 on hold after the release of SDXL to focus entirely on SDXL. At the same time, I felt back then that SD 1.5 had already reached its plateau. However, this time I want to take a different approach; I also want to continue providing updates for SDXL for the time being, as there are still improvement opportunities that I want to take advantage of. So, in the coming weeks and months, there will be a few more significant updates :) A Lightning Version will hopefully follow next weekend.

Have a little patience; it's a small adjustment from the old versions. At the beginning, refer to the Prompt Guide (if you encounter any issues), and it should then be much easier for you :)

Recommended Settings Normal Version (VAE is baked in):

Res: 832*1216 (For Portrait, but any SDXL Res will work fine)

Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

Steps: 30-40

CFG: 3-7 (less is a bit more realistic)

Negative: Start with no negative, and add afterwards the Stuff you donΒ΄t wanna see in that image. I donΒ΄t recommend using my Negative Prompt, i simply use it because i am lazy :D

VAE is already Baked In

HiRes: 4xNMKD-Siax_200k with 15 Steps and 0.3 Denoise + 1.5 Upscale

Recommended Setting Hyper Version (VAE is baked in):

Res: 832*1216 (Any SDXL Res will work fine)

Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras

Steps: 4-6

CFG: 1-2 (recommend 2 for a bit negative prompt affection)
Negative: Only working slightly on CFG 2

HiRes: 4xNMKD-Siax_200k with 3 Steps and 0.35 Denoise + 1.5 Upscale

And now, have fun trying it out. As always, I'm eagerly waiting for your pictures in the Gallery :)

If you liked the model, please leave a Like. In the end, that's what helps me the most as a creator on CivitAI. :)

Last but not least, I'd like to thank a few people without whom Juggernaut XL probably wouldn't have come to fruition:

Dreamlook.AI (Trained 3 Side Sets)