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Checkpoint Merge
Feb 26, 2024
Base Model
SD 1.5
Usage Tips
Clip Skip: 2

Simile = comparison, likeness, parallel, similar, resembling

Note: Preview images are generated without the use of LORAs. Some inpainting might be present.


I rarely use 2D models since I prefer realistic and 2.5D artstyle, but I still need a 2D model just in case I wanna use it. And thus, this merge was born. However, I'm not really that into anime artstyles and western style animations are a little too flat and simplistic. So for this model, I want to find that middle ground between anime and western animation artstyle. This model also have that hand drawn digital art feel to it, where the line art is rough and bold, and the shading is a mix of soft and cell shading, which I really like. It might not be to everyone's taste, but for those who are interested feel free to try it out..

My Settings

These are just some examples of the settings I usually use and it's not really a hard requirement so you're free to experiment and see which setting works best for you:

  • Sampling Method: DPM++ 2M Karras or DPM++ 3M SDE Karras

  • Sampling Steps: 25 - 50

  • Hires. fix: On (not optional)

  • Upscaler: R-ESRGAN 4x+ Anime6B

  • Hires Steps: I usually put it at 0 so it'll be the same as Sampling Steps

  • Denoising Strength: 0.25 - 0.35

  • Upscale: 1.5 - 2

  • CFG Scale: 5.5 - 7

Extra Tips

  1. Try to keep the prompts short and concise. No need to fill up the prompts with unnecessary wording that does the same thing like high detail, ultra detail, absurdres, hires, photorealistic, hyperrealistic, etc. Especially realism prompts since its 2D so you don't need it. Keep it simple.

  2. Also, avoid putting multiple penis tags like 'erection, penis, erect penis, large penis, etc' because you might get exaggerated penis proportions or multiple penises. Sometimes, just a simple 'erection' or 'flaccid' is enough.

  3. ADetailer is a must if you want to get good looking faces. Without it, you will get distorted or blurry looking faces. I also highly suggest using this Penis ADetailer if you're working with penis stuff, but only if its necessary. Sometimes it'll do more harm than good.

  4. Hires fix is mandatory. I don't know if its a common thing for 2D models or is it just mine, but images tend to get distorted a lot, especially far away faces. So hires fix is absolutely necessary.

  5. If you want finer details, then after generating with Hires Fix then send it through img2img with the same prompts and settings with denoising strength set around 0.3-0.4.

  6. Use negative embeddings instead if writing paragraphs of words into the negative prompts. Here are some examples of the ones I usually use:


Models included in the merge are listed below. Credits to the original creators, go check them out:

v3.0 alt

What's new:

Why v3.0 alt and not v4.0? Well its because it's not really an update but rather an alternate style. Plus, I wouldn't call it an upgrade of the v3.0 version and also I didn't want to make it into a separate new model post under a different name because it is still a 2D style.

  • Added HelloYoung2D into the merge to make it more cartoony and anime-like

  • Basically the same as v3.0 except the colors are more vibrant, the shading are flatter and simpler.

  • More compatible with anime character LORAs


What's new:

  • The lines and details are a little finer now but I tried to maintain the original artstyle

  • Fixed the 'big penis' problem. It still occasionally generates oversized penis but it not as bad as it was before

  • Can generate flaccid penis but its still pretty random and often times will default back to erect penis.

  • Slightly reduced cartoony artstyle as this was rebuild with my HomoVeritas v3.0 model

  • Removed a model from the merge that is extremely biased towards generating female characters. This model can still theoretically generate female characters, but it's more biased towards male characters


What's new:

  • Slightly less cartoon and more anime + western animation with a touch of bara artstyle

  • Bara artstyle also means that the artstyle is also stylized and some body parts and musculature tend to be slightly exaggerated, like the penis and arms for example

  • Slightly thinner lineart but still maintains its sketchy feel

  • Easier to generate other body types and sizes

  • Slight improvement to penis generation but I still haven't manage to fix the 'size problem' (not really a problem for me but others might not like it). Penis tend to be large and sometimes to the point of being 'monster cock' levels of large. I'll try to work on that in the next update.

  • Added more data on flaccid penises but as usual with penises, its a matter of luck getting it to look nice. It also tends to default to erect penises. I suspect its because the training images used have mostly erect penises so the model have a bias toward that particular type of penis.

  • Slightly improved anus

  • More compatible with other LORAs