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AlbedoBase XL

Checkpoint Merge
Nov 25, 2023
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
Trigger Words
all in one

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AlbedoBase XL (SFW&NSFW)

The refiner is unnecessary, and VAE is included.

Leaving the negative prompt empty generally brings about the best quality.


Stable Diffusion XL has 6.6 billion parameters, which is about 6.6 times more than the SD v1.5 version. I believe that this is not just a number, but a number that can lead to a significant improvement in performance.

It has been a while since we realized that the overall performance of SD v1.5 has improved beyond imagination thanks to the explosive contributions of our community. Therefore, I am working on completing this AlbedoBase XL model in order to optimally reproduce the performance improvement that occurred in v1.5 in this XL version as well.

My goal is to directly test the performance of all Checkpoints and LoRAs that are publicly uploaded to Civitai, and merge only the resources that are judged to be optimal after passing through several filters. This will surpass the performance of image-generating AI of companies such as Midjourney.

As of now, AlbedoBase XL v1.3 has merged exactly 141 selected checkpoints and 251 LoRAs.


Re-merge and adjust v0.1 to 2.0 using new merging algorithm and formula.

The spec grid(424.5 MB): download


I'd like to thank everyone who helped me on the AlbedoBase XL Pre side. Without you guys, the release date would probably have been much later. Thank you so much!

  • I have written a custom script to converge the existing AlbedoBase XL models into one. Intricately aligning the row and column weights of all U-NET and CLIP blocks according to a unique formula of mine.

  • If you encounter a bug in image generation (if nothing is generated), please switch to CLIP SKIP 2 or modify the prompt slightly! There may be combinations of prompts that CLIP does not recognize. In that case, you can change the order of words, use different words, or, most simply, change the CLIP SKIP. I will gradually work on resolving these issues in the future like v1.3.

The spec grid(403.5 MB): download


  • In order to illustrate the quality associated with the model's randomness, I standardized the seed value at '9' for all showcase images intended for sampling and proceeded with their immediate generation.

  • Especially with this version, due to the significant impact of negative prompts, leaving the negative prompt field empty is likely to produce the nice quality.

The spec grid(438.7 MB): download

  • As you can see, as the number of Steps increases, it becomes available for all samplers, and the quality also improves.

  • Due to the effect of the LoRA I developed and merged, as described below, using sentence-form prompts rather than tag (a list of words) prompts is directly related to improving quality.

  • I merged 45 checkpoints and 7 LoRAs. After that, I merged AlbedoBase v0.4 and v0.3 in order, less than 0~5%, to reawaken the diluted merged models that had become outdated.Β 

  • Among the 7 LoRAs, one is created by me. It involves analyzing and annotating captions for a total of 174 high-quality pictorial photos using GPT4-V. Merging this LoRA resulted in astonishingly clear images and an impressively excellent understanding of prompts.

  • My self-created LoRAs are exclusively available for purchase to my Ko-fi supporters at the Creative level or higher. I plan to release more and more updates in the future. The prices range from $10 to $50.


  • Merged the 22 latest checkpoints.

The spec grid(565.6 MB): download


  • Stabilized.

  • More detailed.

  • If you think you are an advanced user, I recommend version 1.0. If version 1.0 finds the right settings, it can output much more vivid works.

The spec grid(349.7 MB): download


  • Merged 106 LoRAs.

  • Merged 19 Checkpoints.

  1. The model can produce different results depending on the settings you choose, so it's important to check the spec grid before using it.

    • I have found that using a few specific negative prompts can help to resolve the issue of asymmetrical eyes or pixelated images. The Spec Grid may vary depending on your CPU or GPU device, so please use it as a general reference. Experiment with a few negative prompts to improve the quality(ex; strabismus). I found that it is difficult to satisfy all settings equally as the number of merged LoRA increases. However, I would like you to focus on this advantage in version 1.0, as it can produce works of amazing quality in various aspects with the right settings. I will be back with a more stable version in the future.

  2. You can find useful setting values in the showcase or by searching for others.

  3. As always, it's best to leave the negative prompt blank for the best results.

  4. This v1.0 was a lot of work, so I'm taking a break for a bit. I hope you'll enjoy using the model, and if you merge it, please share it in Civitai for free. That way, we can all keep improving it.

The spec grid(479.4 MB): download


  • Merged 132 LoRAs.

  • Merged 4 Checkpoints.

The spec grid: download


  • Improved in all of the samplers.

  • Achieved lifelike realism.

  • Stabilized.

The spec grid: download


  • Significant improvements in clarity and detailing.

  • Improved hand and foot implementation.

  • Major aesthetic improvements; composition, abstraction, flow, light and color, etc.


  • After appropriate fine-tuning on the SDXL1.0 model, meticulously and purposefully merge over 40+ high-quality models publicly available on Civitai.

  • Testing has primarily focused on ensuring maximum quality with the minimum number of prompt tokens, and it has not been confirmed how much the quality can improve when using a large number of tokens. (Please conduct your own tests and share the results)

  • Typically, the most beautiful results are achieved at the midpoint between reality and animation.

  • Nevertheless, when using an appropriate prompt, there is generally nothing it cannot express. (I assert that it possesses abundant value as a foundational model that surpasses others in merging. However, please keep in mind that this is currently v0.1)