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Checkpoint Trained
Jun 25, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 15,000
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Finetuning and training takes a lot of time and energy: If you enjoy what I do and want to help, why not donate? Click here!
(Updates and revisions to DREAD will always be free! This is just if you want to!)

A custom build model using SD1.5 as a base. Trained on 30k images ove it's 4 versions, (make that 35000 over 5) of horror and psychological terror, with a very graining and dark aesthetic. The images were hand sorted to make sure they fit the style and theme I was looking for, and after auto-tagging were then manually tagged with more clear identifiers and themes to help push generation even further.

If you are looking for crisp and clean images, go elsewhere. This is one grainy boi.

All sample images are without any post processing, upscaling, or cherry picking. Just random / same seeds as previous versions and posting.

V5 now done! (lora here - is large because when extracting at a lower DIM it wouldn't work well)

Dread-v5 adds more varied images and much more complex tagging for all of them, at a higher resolution. This will be the final Dread version, at least for SD1.5, since there is little else to be done to the base model. From here on out, any additions will be via "expansion pack" lora.


V5 has many more keywords trained into it than the older versions, so use is both much more fine tuned but also a bit more finicky. The keywords below are ones that can help evoke horror feelings and moods, but are far from necessary:

found footage, disposable camera, trailcam, liminal, abandoned, hallway, house, forest, swamp, vines, roots, branches, dendrophobia, body horror, visceral, circulatory system, viscera, organs, blood, injury, laceration, gore, body horror, boil, rash, peeling flesh, fleshy, wet, water, drowning, burning, fire, flames, injury, plants, mushroom, fungus, diagram, illustration, tome, grimoire, arcane, sigil, magic symbol, experiment, medical, research, lab, malpractice, contained, restrained, chains, cables, cord, torture instrument, dungeon, mansion, manor, estate, swamp, entity, creature, being, monster, animal, glowing eyes, multiple eyes/limbs/mouths/etc, trypophobia, holes, torture, suffering, pain, despair, open mouth, sharp teeth, spikes, religious, demonic, ritual, cult, demonic, angelic, and many more...

Push the style further

Use DREAD in your prompt, all caps, to reinforce the horror aesthetic. Only the best images were tagged with this, and it can change your generations greatly. This is not a required tag, however! All images for training contained the word 'horror' in their tags.

One of the sample images is a grid showing a few prompts of the same seed, but using different samplers- just so you can see how each one influences the output and reading of this model.