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Checkpoint Merge
May 13, 2024
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
Usage Tips
Clip Skip: 2

SD3 Model removed for now until CIVITAI can clarify it's position legally.


The latest version of WoW_XL (5) is a collaboration between myself and

With also as a major contributor also.

Special thanks to both of them for doing such great work by themselves and also for giving me such great feedback and input over the last few months.

Frank in particular deserves extra thanks for helping financially support me while I was suffering from some health issues.

And speach1sdef178 for her unending support and amazingly positive attitude.

Also I'd like to thank General Awareness, for his assistance

Without his insight and experimentation in training none of this would be possible in the way that it has been.

And finally I'd also like to give mention to WarAnakin, Afroman4peace and Freek22 for their insights, feedback and also for setting their own standards of quality for me to work towards :D

WoW_PD, Version

This is a versatile branch of PD which looks towards a more realistic output, but with a focus on overall quality and flexibility.

This model is not good at artist styles, but is great with people, animal and fantastical prompts and is capable of a wide range of styles from CGI, realism, cartoons and anime to pretty much anything else you can think of that doesn't require an artists name to infer.

It's also capable of both SFW and NSFW content, with the composition itself remaining almost unchanged between the 2 styles of imagery, outside of the removal of clothing items and the repositioning of limbs in order to present the subject in a more erotic mannerism.

It does both male and female subjects well and can even place 2 separate subjects in the same scene together, participating in specific actions and wearing specific clothing items.

The main reason I'm creating this separately is because I would like to focus on a "WoW" style model here. With the aim being the most beautiful output possible, rather than necessarily focusing on any of the other details.

It's a work in progress, but I think you will enjoy using this version currently.


Version 5 of WoW_XL is out now!

WoW_XL Five

Massive improvements all round. Can now prompt for cartoon styles and realism styles simultaneously and achieve both in good quality.

I rolled back a bit on the rick and morty stuff and decided that I will work that into a dedicated cartoon model. And while this model is still superbly versatile it does realism just a bit better than before :D

As the name entails, this model is all about the wow factor. It's aimed at producing the most beautiful output you can possibly imagine.

V3 uses inpainting VAE and V3 Diff VAE uses SDXL fixed VAE

This model works on low steps, ~20 and at resolutions of 512x512 for those who want to save time.

Apparently my workflow is "too big" for Civitai, so I have to create some new images for the showcase later on.

Models used to create this:

Tessilation v2.5
AnimeGodXL v3
The Talos Project
XL6 Hephaistos
7 of 9 V2 (yet to be released)
Samaritan 3D
Yamer's Merge Heaven
SDXL Base Model