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BrightProtoNuke(BPN) - No refiner needed

Updated: Dec 3, 2023
base modelgeneric
Checkpoint Merge
Dec 3, 2023
Base Model
SDXL 1.0

Easy image quality, more creative output

V1.3 Update (creativity upgrade)

Merged in the amazing Paradox2 model for it's creativity. Managed to keep the BPN1.2 hands intact(mostly). How far can you push the model before it stops to really understand what you want?

All preview images are pure txt2img, no lora's used.

  • A lot more creative imagery

  • Listens to prompt a lot better (some prompts won't work anymore because it might listen too well)

  • Has some repetitivity issues when it comes to buildings in wide shots (1280+px width, to be fixed in future merge)

  • Less character, more creative focused

Because the model is a lot more creative now, sampler choice becomes more a factor too. Use DPM++ type samplers if you want cartoony styles, or Euler/Heun type (which includes Restart) samplers for photorealistic. If consistency is what you want, i advice to use LCM and the LCM lora(Lora weigths:~0.8, 2 cfg). FreeU and SAG were used for images, but they add little/no extra generation time.

If you have questions or remarks on how to improve the model, join the CivitAI general chat on Discord, I usually check in there quite a bit.

V1.2 update (Massive improvement)

Massive upgrade in quality. Both image stability and creativity have gone up, and errors have gone down. Shoutout to the amazing Paradox by Thaevil1 model which significantly helped increase the comprehension abilities of this merge.

All posted main post images by me are txt2img only, no inpainting, no loras. (so you know what the model can do out of the box). Only extension used is: Remember set the template to sdxl, it'll improve the quality of your output even further.

Negatives are generally not needed anymore, unless you want to block something specific.

Most images made with A1111:

  • 50 steps restart sampler

  • 2x upscale, 15 steps restart or DPM3 SDE Karras


Just trying to reduce the jaggies a bit, as the image quality feels a bit unstable.


A modelmix as an attempt to get Protovision to become a bit more creative in it's output. Before it was very biased towards people. I've tried reducing that habit, and replace it with creativity. All images posted by have no loras or regional prompting used, this is all pure txt2img prompting. No refiner is needed, i've managed to keep the great image quality from Protovision mostly intact.

Commonly used negatives by me (not needed anymore since 1.2)

paint, blurry, swirl, circle

These are negatives i commonly use. Paint and blurry to get the image output crisper. swirl and circle are remnants of the merge i've nto been able to get out which are often seen when the model is grasping at really abstract concepts. Having those in the negatives certainly improves the output in those cases.