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more real face, with bit lips and wink eyes and makeup

Feb 1, 2024
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
Usage Tips
Strength: 0.9
Trigger Words
biting her lips
winks with one eye at viewer
artistic makeup with

Hey Guys and Girls ...

works only with close portraits


(biting own lips:1) , (winks with one eye at viewer:1) , (artistic makeup with ... )

I think this LoRa has a good potential for much more real facial expressions especially at lower weights ~0.4, also eyes very good, have fun ! may add "angry" or "sad" etc (mostly more natural teeth)

v53 - bit stronger (only 1 of 10 are good), on low weight very good eyes and facial expression and the slightly asymmetrical face (use negative prompt for makeup or, winks etc so its all in one lora and SDXL has problems to seperate)

v52 - should work for most models including my own

v1 - for jugger -

v2 - for yamer -

v3 - not better but more compatible to other models (if you copy the prompt, i renamed the lora)

v4 - for demon core -

watch my prompts and play with it, weight between 0.4 and 1, CFG arround 5, steps at least 40 (works only with portraits)

besides the artistic makeup, the facial expressions are much more real, even if only 1 out of 10 pictures does exactly what it is supposed to do, e.g. bite the lips or wink the eyes.

at lower weights <0.8, the mouth is sometimes slightly slanted or one eye is half closed or both are half closed, which is much more realistic than the expression of a model baby's face.

here is another faceexpression blow kiss



have fun ...