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The Truality Engine

Checkpoint Merge
Nov 11, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Usage Tips
Clip Skip: 1
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Joined Dec 9, 2023


The Final Version of this model is coming on V3 IS AVAILABLE NOW

This model was designed / merged with a lot of attention to detail and versatile results.

The least of us have tons of SDD-Space on our rigs and can't afford to host 20 different models. in V1 you should be able to create whatever style you want with very decent results.
V2 was focusing on realistic photography but was still doing great with 2.5D styles.
V3 is not changing any of the artful aspects but adds more variety to shading, contrast, light sources, contrast, cinematic photography, action photography.
V3 is the final version of this merge, everything is cranked up to a tasteful limit, there is not a single pixel more I am able to squeeze out of it. If you'd like to support me, click here

Everything you see is coming straight out of the engine, i am using no Loras to create effects, cameras or moods. I am using women and faces from this checkpoint and of course my very own Vicious Girls Series
I had complaints of me using my own embeddings...
I share my work to spread some joy to like-minded people, if you wanna complain about my free work where i have put easily 600+ of hours of work in, then you are most certainly in the wrong place. The Vicious Girls are part of the concept they are not invasive, they are carefully trained embeddings which don't alter any of the effects, image quality, color grading etc... of what this model is able to produce.

Prompt as you wish, depending on what you are going for it doesn't need many words.
If you want to create a particular scene with particular assets, put those in brackets or double brackets. If that doesn't do the job use the weighting method (+/-) from 0.5 to 1.5
The higher the weight, the lower the quality.


Steps: 25 to 35
with this model, too high means it takes longer to load, test it for each scene individually, keep it at 35 if you don't mind waiting a few seconds longer.

CFG: 3.5 to 11.5
The higher the value the higher the contrast and the amount of colors. The engine will listen more subtly to your prompt up till CFG 7. Everything above could be described as over-exaggerating your prompt to adding new features. A Lens Flare can become something entirely else. Definitely interesting if you feel like experimenting.
When using TI's and Lora's you should not go higher as 4.5

Best Size 512 x 768

Best Samplers: DPM++ 2M SDE KARRAS


Upscale a 512x 768 by 2x
UPSCALER for V3 4x UltraSharp
Clean and less grainy results, yet very detailed
(Resize Steps 15 to 25, Denoise 0.23-0.33)

UPSCALER for V1 & V2: 4x_NMKD-Superscale-SP178000_G.pth

(Resize Steps 10 to 15, Denoise 0.17-0.33)

This upscaler provides a special layer of depth for photo realistic images, slightly grainy.

Most Loras will distort your results, you have to weigh them in, 0.7 seems to work best by default, each Lora is different and behaves differently. Many... if not the most will mess with your models face because they were trained with a different face, sometimes you can fix it with clip skip and if that doesn't work just use roop or face swap and write your girls face over the trained face. Most Loras are designed for 512x512, when bodies or objects get strethed or appear twice then lower the output size.

Especially from side angles and long distances you will keep running into weird faces, Hires Fix will 9/10 times fix this, if that still doesn't work use roop or face swap in your chain.

Please share your favorite results, consider rating this model if you like it.

DISCLAIMER: All Models released under the Vicious Family are fictional, I can not know every person, every actor, every influencer in the world and resemblances are purely coincidental. While it is possible that I take inspiration from a look that I like, I have not, not will I ever use any of their original fotos to create a resemblance on porpuse. All my models are either entirely created by prompts and trained on the results or mixed with body parts, facial features of 2 female friends who have consented in writing for their images being used in my process. If anyone feels that one of my models resembles a celebrity, actress or influencer and feels concerned about it, please leave a comment, I will take it to the person, management or representative directly.