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Updated: Nov 16, 2023
Checkpoint Merge
Nov 15, 2023
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
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In norse mythology Gleipnir is the binding that holds the mighty Fenris Wolf. Gleipnir ist stronger than any iron Chain even thin like a silk ribbon it will hold till ragnarΓΆk when he will break free and devour odin.

even i did working over an month on that it is still a WIP Model and highly experimental !

Like my other model Newdawnxl this is a general model

  • Photorealistic

  • Digital Art

  • Anime

  • Comic

  • Vector Graphics

  • Line art

  • Stickers

  • can write short text

  • etc

    The model needs no refiner!

    Can do Both SFW and NSFW

can handle a huge range of resolution like fenrisxl from 256x256 till 1000x1500

it is (multi) linguistic and also understand the "old" prompting

(the multilinguistic part ist still wip) but it can do german and spanish too.

The Base model is a mix of Newdawnxl and Fenrisxl but got a lot of training on top of that i also trained and merged tiny parts on other models i did list all models even i used only tiny bits because i love there models too and I need to be honest to mention all Creators Models because it's a hard work to build Checkpoints!

( see Credits)


V0.3 First Released Version

Version V1.04

  • serverall improvement and bugfixes

  • Possible Hi Res till 1528x1528 but i recommend going lower for more consistent results

    Still WIP and for the release date only the FP32 available an bf16 Variant is still in testing and will released in a couple of days the fp16 is not working good its not sure if i ever release an fp16 variant in this Version (maybe in a later Version)

Version 2.0

I use some Datas of my upcoming Project to improve Gleipnir this time.

  • an FP16 Version is available but i recommend using the bf16 Version

    Note; BF16 Works not on all graphic cards keep that in mind!

  • works also good with low CFG and Steps like an LCM model ;-)

  • More Photorealistic


please check out and support there amazing work:

AnimeGodXL made by Triple_Headed_Monkey

anthromergeXL made by stoke

BrightProtoNuke made by Eface

Colossus Project XL

The Talos Project (half made by me and half afro ;-) )

DEMON CORE (SFW&NSFW) both by afroman4peace

IcedCoffeeXL made by iDeNoh

ProtoVision XL made by socalguitarist

Real Cartoon-XL made by 7whitefire7

SDXL Unstable Diffusers made by Yamer

MOHAWK (1.6) made by Aurety
!!!Use it at your own risk, you a responsible for your own creations!!!

PS: will report every sick photo that is posted here that is against the law!

This disclaimer is not here without reasons. please have in mind this is like a virtual showroom and posting extreme stuff here is like πŸ’© on my desk in real live πŸ˜‰

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