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Muttonchops / Sideburns (Painterly and Photograh)

Updated: Nov 13, 2023
Nov 7, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5

Sideburns Painterly and Photograh

I have loved watching paintings, movies or tv shows where men wears white long sideburns since I was very young. So I have tried to make a Lora involving this concept. I hope you like.

If you want a painting you should ask for it and indicate the style. If you want a photograh this Lora needs you to include painting in the negative promtp.

This Lora tends to add uniforms and it’s difficult to get young man (because the images I could collect I think) so you should correct ti with the prompt.

Some Data

It was trained on SD 1.5, with 5.000 steps, and tested on Realistic Vision 5.1 and 3.0.

Not trigger word needed rather than sideburns. But if you want to try, it is sssbbb.

The images were generated as follows: Lora Strength 1.0, Dimensions 768x1152, Steps 40, Text Guidance 8, Sampler DPM+++ 2M Karras, no Upscaler and High Resolution Fix at 10%.

Some of the Prompts used:

  • Portrait painting of a 60yo average man with big sideburns, (((naked, shirtless))), light eyes, short hair, happy, kind and nice, (medium closeup), highly detailed, hdr, 4k

  • Medium shot Photo of a 70yo average man with ((long big sideburns)), black background, white linen shirt, chest visible, head visible, head, light eyes, smile, nice and kind, highly detailed, hdr, 4k, muted colors, studio photo

  • Medium shot Photo of a (((30yo))) slim blonde man with sideburns, black background, white linen shirt, head visible, messy hair, happy, highly detailed, hdr, 4k, muted colors, studio photo

  • And others very similar, keeping them simple.

Negative Prompt: (muscular, ((((painting, uniform)))), b&w, cropped head, bald, artifacts, doll skin, deformed, distorted, extra limbs, cropped, deformed iris, deformed pupils, mutated hands, and fingers, disfigured, poorly drawn, bad anatomy, wrong anatomy, missing limb, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, mutation, mutated, amputation:1.3)


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