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PixelWaveTurbo - Excellent images in 5 steps!

Checkpoint Trained
Jan 28, 2024
Base Model
SDXL Turbo
This Stability AI Model is licensed under the Stability AI Non-Commercial Research Community License, Copyright (c) Stability AI Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Latest version available here.

I have decided to publish the latest versions of accelerated models on the main PixelWave page, so more people are notified about the new models. The newest PixelWave 09 Accelerated model uses a little bit of TCD and Lightning to help improve sharpness compared to using only turbo.

Version 03:

Turbo version of PixelWave 07. Recommend CFG of 2.5, 5 steps. You can get really nice and detailed images with 8 steps, 2 CFG. You can use 3 steps, but the image will have less detail.

Version 02:

This is the turbo version of PixelWave 06. You should see improvements to faces and hands.

I recommend using CFG of 3 and 5 steps. CFG of 2 can look a little dull. DPMPP SDE GPU and Karras or DPM++ SDE Karras for A1111.

PixelWaveTurbo REBORN - Link to Workflow

Reborn is a method I came up with to crank up the details to 11, while sacrificing some coherence. People seemed to love the original Reborn model, so it's back as a turbo model. Built from PixelWave05, reborn and then another 50k training steps to calm it down a little. This version will give you a lot more detail than a standard PixelWave model.

Version 01:

This is a turbo version of my PixelWave model. Generate a 1024 resolution image in 5 steps!

Link to basic comfy workflow.

Settings use to generate images:

  • Sampler: DPMPP SDE GPU or DPM++ SDE Karras for A1111

  • Scheduler: Karras

  • CFG: 2

  • Steps: 5

The model is intended for research/private use purposes only and not for commercial use. Please refer to the SDXL turbo page on huggingface for more information on the license restrictions.