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Amity Blight SD1.5 V1.0

Updated: Dec 7, 2023
Dec 7, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 2,600
Epochs: 1
Usage Tips
Clip Skip: 2
Trigger Words
amity blight
S1 hair
S2 hair
short hair
green hair
purple hair
default creator card background decoration
First Birthday Badge

Amity Blight lora, Seasson 1 and Seasson 2 hair in just one lora

how to trigger:

Seasson 1: amity_blight, S1 hair, short hair, brown hair, long sleeves, dress, jewelry, closed mouth, standing, yellow eyes, multicolored hair, green hair, pointy ears, necklace, nail polish, black dress, two-tone hair, hands up, frown, parody, black nails, pendant, topknot,

Seasson 2: amity_blight, S2 hair, short hair, open mouth, bangs, skirt, shirt, long sleeves, flat chest, standing, yellow eyes, purple hair, pantyhose, teeth, pointy ears, black skirt, looking to the side, black shirt, red pantyhose

extra outfit 1: dress, jewelry, closed mouth, standing, purple hair, short sleeves, flat chest, pantyhose, earrings, puffy sleeves, belt, black dress, puffy short sleeves, mask, parody, sunglasses, purple dress, poke ball, style parody, tinted eyewear
extra outfit 2: shirt, hair ornament, navel, jewelry, earrings, sleeveless, pointy ears, hairclip, midriff, off shoulder, nail polish, mole, grin, blurry, flat chest, crop top, plaid, mole under eye, sleeveless shirt, buttons, parody, piercing, wristband, red shirt, ear piercing, clenched hand, black nails, clenched hands, meme, stud earrings, plaid shirt, plaid jacket
extra outfit 3: blush, short hair, bangs, thighhighs, bare shoulders, closed mouth, animal ears, sky, day, pointy ears, black thighhighs, flat chest, bunnysuit, leotard, strapless, blush stickers, wristband, black leotard, :<, clenched hands, strapless leotard, wide-eyed, arms at sides, horizon
extra outfit 4: thighhighs, gloves, dress, bare shoulders, flat chest, alternate costume, choker, pointy ears, elbow gloves, black thighhighs, white gloves, apron, black dress, speech bubble, english text, maid, maid headdress, strapless, black choker, short dress, waist apron, strapless dress, maid apron, wide-eyed, enmaided

you can try the "other prompt" as well