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Sleipnir (SDXL Turbo Hybrid)

Checkpoint Merge
Dec 21, 2023
Base Model
SDXL Turbo
This Stability AI Model is licensed under the Stability AI Non-Commercial Research Community License, Copyright (c) Stability AI Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Sleipnir is described as the fastest and strongest horse ever to have lived. Sleipnir is comming from Old Norse Sleipnir) is derived from the Old Norse word “sleipr,” which means “slippy” or “smooth.” This seems to refer to the horse’s ability to travel not just faster than anyone, but also to any realm. Slipping through the realms like no other being is able to, even slipping out of the gates of Hel. Odin sometimes travels on him in disguise through Midgard,

This model can do:

  • Photorealistic

  • Digital Art

  • Anime

  • Comic

  • Vector Graphics

  • Line art

  • Stickers

  • can write short text

  • etc

    The model needs no refiner!

    SFW and NSFW

it can work like an SDXL Turbo model with a low cfg and step count: (see gallery)

at the same it still works like a normal model:

This model is Based on my Gleipnir Model and Bifröst Project it also contains parts of the SDXL Turbo Model

it's not sure if its an turbo model or not but the model is highly experimental and research only ;-)

Settings: Important

the max recommended resolution is 1024x1024!

For the right CFG and Sampler look in the Gallery!

Note: to get the full potential of Sleipnir FP32 in ComfyUI you need to add this Command-line Arguments: --force-fp32 important: FP32 needs more Vram and the generation is slower


V1.25 Experimental Version

This is the first Version highly experimental

the cfg range starts at 1-2/ 4 steps but i recommend 3cfg and 7 steps to start with 1024x1024 resolution.

I like also this sampler: DPM++ 2S a

made in the Gallery an grid that you can choose your sampler !.

i made also an "Instant" workflow:

Disclaimer; You are responsible for your own creations

PS: will report every sick photo that is posted here that is against the law!

This disclaimer is not here without reasons. please have in mind this is like a virtual showroom and posting extreme stuff here is like 💩 on my desk in real live 😉