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Painter's Checkpoint (oil paint / oil painting art style)

Updated: Jan 9, 2024
styleoil painting
Checkpoint Trained
Jan 7, 2024
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
Steps: 20,000
Epochs: 100
Usage Tips
Clip Skip: 2
Trigger Words
oil painting

Maximum Painterly Output!

This minor v1.1 update is nothing more than a merge with SAI's Offset LoRA. You can get identical results using version 1.0 and the offset LoRA at 1.0 strength. If you wish to control the effects of this more precisely, continue to use version 1.0 in conjunction with that at different strengths. Personally, I'm happy with this merge. The result is improved contrasts, and specifically provides much better night or dark scenes.

So you want to go all-in on a painterly effect? This model is not a comprehensive art style - it's a very specific painterly look. Alla prima, gestural, atmospheric. Detailed enough to warrant being called realist, but far from the clean sharp photorealism of Dutch or Renaissance work. Prompting for artist names only minimally pushes its output.

You don't need to prompt in any special way. If you want to use photography terms to influence the scene ('go-pro selfie', or 'by Max Rive') just start the prompt with 'painting' as well and you should still get a strong painterly image.

Recommended settings for use:

You can go here (pastebin) to download a ComfyUI workflow like what I used, but without custom nodes that are embedded in my image uploads on CivitAI.

  • It's extremely opinionated and headstrong in its style. You may find you can only apply other LoRAs minimally.

  • I recommend the DPM samplers, but use your favorite. Some may produce softer painting styles that don't suit my taste as much but whatever you prefer is great.

  • Don't do anything special for your prompt - just describe what you want to see. I usually start my prompt with 'painting of ...' But it's usually not necessary. If you want to use a lot of photographic terms for a specific lighting, the 'painting' term may become necessary

  • Feel free to add artist names (Klimt, Mucha, etc) and this checkpoint will respect them to some degree. For the most part, though, it's going to assert itself prominently.

If you feel compelled to offer some material form of thanks, you can buy me a coffee, or you can buy my (darn near unreadable, I warn you) short story 'Willem & Ellene'.