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Add UHD Detail And Text XL & SD - By DICE

Feb 1, 2024
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
Usage Tips
Strength: 1
Trigger Words
Painstaking Attention To Details

More Detail Add UHD Detailer - By DICE

UPDATE FOR SD VERSION: ((((The SD version and XL both work on the Civitai Site, But the SD version will not work on Auto1111 only XL version works on Auto1111))))

Runs perfect on all SDXL including Pony and Lightning Versions

Works amazingly well with Dream Diffusion Pony, You'll find the download for Pony here....

To Download Dream Diffusion Lightning XL

This really wasnt a easy LoRa to make and train. I've been using some of the other detailers around and the problem is im a perfectionist lol.

Also trained to use text, like the images above that say "DICE"

Use this following prompt to add text : (Wording on her dress says "DICE"), You can request it anywhere as log as .. Wording on,,, and the word is captials in " ". Depending on the checkpoint your using you may need to push the CFG up on it.

And for example:

 woman, long blonde layered hair, large breasts, tight short dress, 
(wording on dress says "DICE IS NICE), cleavage, perfect makeup, slim 
waist, slender legs,(The wording on 
her dress say's "DICE IS NICE")

And this is the outcome:

So I made one with mega detail intricate , more authentic, shadows, refined, perfect tone,

I've added some examples in the images above, and a mini movie below of what I mean. Everything in here has used my UHD detailer.

It's a perfect detailer for me anyway. But see what you think and give it a test drive.

The perfect checkpoint for this Lora is Dream Diffusion XL Lightning as seen in the video below:

Running Dream Diffusion Xl Lightining in Img2Img using depth in control net and the Batch file option...... SMOOTH AS BUTTER.

To watch these in 4K press play and then tap the cog in the video and chose 4K option