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SDXL - Holographic Something ( Experimental ) Reviews

Amazing LoRA. I used it for some effects I needed on my galaxies.

It’s certainly a weird little experiment, this LoRA :-) I tried it out hoping for a layer that could be used with other TIs and LoRAs to add interest/complexity. It’s hard to categorize what it does... generally adds that holographic “sheen” that you see on bank card holograms, but also kinda softens image gens and often adds a weird frame/border effect. My hit rate on a few wildcard batch runs was not great - more face closeups than usual, and general weirdness. BUT... I did get some really nice results (subjective!) that are quite different to the more normal LoRAs I’ve been using lately. So Holographic Something ( Experimental ) isn’t an everyday tool, but I like it enough to keep it around for tryouts with prompt development - just to mix things up a bit :-) Tried it with a few different base models... I generally preferred the results with BaZaaR v020UD, ZavyChroma v7, and CrystalClearOne v1.

Found this after the Insta post.

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