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Checkpoint Merge
Apr 27, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
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How to use this

If you are new to the world of Stable Diffusion, you can learn how to run it by yourself here:


You'll also need a VAE to use this. For the examples, I've used the Grapefruit one:

What's new in v2?

I wasn't satisfied by the overall performance of the checkpoint. It often used the same colors and required a low CFG level. With the newer model, you can use a higher CFG level without over saturation and distortion. It's less Disney-ish and more a crossover of vintage western and modern anime style (which is what I wanted to create in the first place).

What's this model

Mistoon_Amethyst is a variant of my SD model Mistoon_Sapphire that tries to achieve a Disney pinup style.

The starting point for this model was my blend. From there, I then added a few of my custom LoRAs in the mix to change the esthetic (mostly Pear and Contact).

Try also the other flavors:

The style

It creates realistic and expressive characters with a "disney" twist.

All the examples have been created using this version of the model using my workflow. Check the guide if you want to learn more about my workflow.

The model can also easily do NSFW stuff (check the last examples).

Right now the model is biased over sea backgrounds and cyan clothes (for whatever reason), so I highly recommend addind those to the negative prompt.


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