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AnimeBoysXL V3

Updated: Jul 3, 2024
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Mar 31, 2024
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AnimeBoysXL V3


  • ✔️ Good for inference: AnimeBoysXL v3.0 is a flexible model which is good at generating images of anime boys and males-only content in a wide range of styles.

  • ✔️ Good for training: AnimeBoysXL v3.0 is suitable for further training, thanks to its neutral style and ability to recognize a great deal of concepts. Feel free to train your own anime boy model/LoRA from AnimeBoysXL.

Inference Guide

  • Prompt: Use tag-based prompts to describe your subject.

    • Tag ordering matters. It is highly recommended to structure your prompt with the following templates:

      • 1boy, male focus, character name, series name, anything else you'd like to describe, best quality, amazing quality, best aesthetic, absurdres

      • 2boys, male focus, multiple boys, character name(s), series name, anything else you'd like to describe, best quality, amazing quality, best aesthetic, absurdres

      • For more detailed documentation, you can visit my article on Ko-fi (available to supporters only).

  • Negative prompt: Choose from one of the following two presets.

    1. Heavy (recommended): lowres, bad, text, error, missing, extra, fewer, cropped, jpeg artifacts, worst quality, bad quality, watermark, bad aesthetic, unfinished, chromatic aberration, scan, scan artifacts

    2. Light: lowres, jpeg artifacts, worst quality, watermark, blurry, bad aesthetic

  • VAE: Make sure you're using SDXL VAE.

  • Sampling method, sampling steps and CFG scale: I find (Euler a, 28, 8.5) good. You are encouraged to experiment with other settings.

  • Width and height: 832*1216 for portrait, 1024*1024 for square, and 1216*832 for landscape.

Training Details

AnimeBoysXL v3.0 is trained from Pony Diffusion V6 XL, on ~516k images.

The following tags are attached to the training data to make it easier to steer toward either more aesthetic or more flexible results.

Quality tags

  • best quality: score >= 150

  • amazing quality: score in the range of [75, 150)

  • great quality: score in the range of [25, 75)

  • normal quality: score in the range of [0, 25)

  • bad quality: score in the range of (-5, 0)

  • worst quality: score <= -5

Aesthetic tags

The aesthetic tags of AnimeBoysXL v3.0 reflect my aesthetic preference.

  • best aesthetic

  • amazing aesthetic

  • great aesthetic

  • normal aesthetic

  • bad aesthetic

Rating tags

  • sfw: general

  • slightly nsfw: sensitive

  • fairly nsfw: questionable

  • very nsfw: explicit

Year tags

year YYYY where YYYY is in the range of [2005, 2023].

Training configurations

  • Hardware: 4 * Nvidia A100 80GB GPUs

  • Optimizer: AdaFactor

  • Gradient accumulation steps: 8

  • Batch size: 4 * 8 * 4 = 128

  • Learning rates:

    • 8e-6 for U-Net

    • 5.2e-6 for text encoder 1 (CLIP ViT-L)

    • 4.8e-6 for text encoder 2 (OpenCLIP ViT-bigG)

  • Learning rate schedule: constant with 250 warmup steps

  • Mixed precision training type: FP16

  • Epochs: 40

Changes from v2.0

  • Change the base model from Stable Diffusion XL Base 1.0 to Pony Diffusion V6 XL.

  • Revamp the dataset's aesthetic tags based on the developer's preference.

  • Update the criterion of quality tags.

  • Use FP16 mixed-precision training.

  • Train for more epochs.

Special thanks

chefFromSpace for his assistance with the showcase images.


Since AnimeBoysXL v3.0 is a derivative model of Pony Diffusion V6 XL by PurpleSmartAI, it has a different license from the previous versions. Please read their license before using the model.