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Squeezer - Experimental

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Hello! Maybe because I wasn't using a character LoRa or simpler prompts, but it didn't work that well on this image. I know it does work when used as intended, though!

Also, when put into the Negative Prompt, it will give opposite results which is great! (That's something I read in the comments).

I had more images for this review, but they all violate TOS rules! Even though they were by all means safe.

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I've been playing around with Squeezer for a week or two now, and I'm very pleased with it. I tend to do realistic/semi-realistic imagery, not anime/hentai/animated. I know this lora is designed to be used with anime/hentai/animated work. The fact that it even works with realistic gens is pretty amazing. Also, I tend to generate imagery of women with "realistic" dimensions. The giant booba and booty stuff just isn't for me. So this lora is a miracle worker for me. The only negative I can say about it is that it isn't perfect. Some models don't play nice with it - the giant booties are just too powerful! Also, like many other loras, it has it's limits. Exceed them and you'll know it. No surprises there.

Back to the good stuff: it makes the Euro skinny girl booty a possibility with SD. Think Met-Art or FemJoy - what SD refers to as "skinny". I'm a big fan of the "skinny" girls. And this lora will hook you up! Use it. Try it. You'll love it. Just be sure to use "immature" and "loli" in your neg prompt. This lora tends to make your characters look younger and you have to account for that.

In short: I love it. Thank you for making this lora!!!