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LEOSAM's HelloWorld SDXL Base Model

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Apr 18, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
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👩‍🎨Unleash the power of, the ultimate tool for generating ultra-realistic human images. With unlimited generations, bring your creative vision to life and only use credits when you download satisfactory images. Use my promo code: LEOSAM30 to get a 30% discount at

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🤝如您有模型定制或其他合作需求,请联系Wechat: 13439222668。请简单注明来意,时间宝贵不闲聊哈,谢谢理解!

📖2023.11.17 Introducing "HelloWorld 2.0"

Thank you all for your patience. After overcoming various challenges, the HelloWorld 2.0 version is finally ready to be presented to you all in a state that I'm satisfied with. The main differences between HelloWorld 2.0 and 1.0 are as follows:

  1. HelloWorld 2.0 no longer requires trigger words, and the results are comparable in quality to version 1.0 with trigger words.. The trigger word 'leogirl' in 1.0 was highly associated with East Asians. After the cancellation of the trigger words, while words like '1girl' will still likely generate East Asian portraits when race is not specified, you can now specify the race by using keywords like nationality, skin color, etc. For example, the trigger effects for words like 'Chinese', 'Russian', 'Iranian', 'Jamaican', 'Kenyan', 'dark-skinned', 'pale-skinned', etc., are listed below.

    You can also get different styles of characters by writing the names of people from different countries and genders in the prompt, such as Han Meimei (China), Sophie Martin (France), Priya Patel (India), Fatima Al-Hassan (Arab), Wanjiru Mwangi (Kenya). The above prompts are just examples, there are many available prompts and ways to play, and you're welcome to explore and share them by yourself.

  2. HelloWorld 2.0 has balanced the quality/color and offers more style options. The 1.0 version, when used with 'leogirl', would likely produce images with a strong film texture. HelloWorld 2.0 is no longer tied to a film texture and can be customized with some quality-related prompts. Some prompts that have been tested and work well include:

    high-end fashion photoshoot, product introduction photo, popular Korean makeup, aegyo sal, Sharp High-Quality Photo, studio light, medium format photo, Mamiya photography, analog film, Medium Portrait with Soft Light, real-life image, refined editorial photograph, raw photo, real photo, Scanned Photo, film still

    The color effects of these prompts are as follows:

  3. The training set for HelloWorld 2.0 significantly increased the proportion of full-body photos to improve the effects of SDXL in generating full-body and distant view portraits. Although it has improved compared to version 1.0, it is still strongly recommended to use 'adetailer' in the process of generating full-body photos. Also, for users with enough video memory (24g), it is recommended to perform 1.5x high-resolution repair on the image, which can significantly improve facial details.

大家久等了,在历经各类踩坑坎坷后,HelloWorld 2.0版本终于能以我满意的状态呈现给大家。HelloWorld 2.0版本与1.0版本最大的区别主要有三点:

1. HelloWorld 2.0版本在不搭配触发词使用的情况下,效果与1.0版本搭配触发词的质量相当。1.0版本的触发词leogirl与东亚人种高度关联。在取消触发词后,虽然在未指定人种时,1girl等高频词汇仍会大概率生成东亚人像,但您现在可以通过指定国籍、肤色等提示词,来进行人种定位。

其实大家也可以通过在提示词中写入不同国家、性别风格的人名来获得不同风格的人物,比如Han Meimei(中国)、Sophie Martin(法国)、Priya Patel(印度)、Fatima Al-Hassan(阿拉伯)、Wanjiru Mwangi(肯尼亚)。

2. HelloWorld 2.0版本在画质/色彩上进行了平衡,可选风格更加多样。1.0版本在搭配leogirl使用时,会高概率出强烈胶片质感的图片,HelloWorld 2.0版本不再强行绑定胶片质感,可以通过一些画质相关提示词进行自定义的调节,经过测试一些触发效果不错的提示词包括:

high-end fashion photoshoot,product introduction photo,popular Korean makeup,aegyo sal,Sharp High-Quality Photo,studio light,medium format photo,Mamiya photography,analog film,Medium Portrait with Soft Light,real-life image,refined editorial photograph,raw photo,real photo,Scanned Photo,film still

3.HelloWorld 2.0的训练集显著提高了全身照的比例,以求SDXL在生成全身、远景人像时的效果。虽然相比1.0版本有所提升,但仍然强烈建议在全身照生图过程中搭配adetailer使用。同时对于显存足够(24g)的玩家朋友,建议对图像进行1.5倍的高分辨率修复,也能显著改善面部细节。

📖2023.8.29 Introducing "HelloWorld" SDXL Base Model

Special reminder: When using the HelloWorld 1.0 model, please remember to add the trigger word "leogirl".

Distinct from SD1.5 base model “MoonFilm”, “HelloWorld” is a brand new realistic SDXL base model series, . In order to allow more users to discover HelloWorld, I have retained the original Moonfilm's model link. It can be perceived as a spiritual continuation of Moonfilm on the SDXL new platform, but HelloWorld aims to achieve more than just the pursuit of realism and film-like quality in portraits. Thanks to the far superior amount of information and text understanding capabilities of SDXL compared to SD1.5, HelloWorld is a base model that seeks to realistically depict all things, or in other words, I hope to gradually build a virtual photography world using HelloWorld.

The realistic base model of SD1.5 has developed to a quite mature stage, and it is unlikely to have a significant performance improvement. Unless there is a breakthrough technology for SD1.5 platform, the Moonfilm & MoonMix series will basically stop updating. I will devote my main energy to the development of the HelloWorld SDXL large model. The 1.0 version is now available for download, and the 2.0 version is being developed urgently and is expected to be updated in early September.

As a brand new SDXL model, there are three differences between HelloWorld and traditional SD1.5 models:

  1. Unlike SD1.5 base models, which typically do not include trigger words, please remember to use the trigger word "leogirl" when using HelloWorld 1.0. This ensures that the SDXL model triggers the training set effect more stably.

  2. The HelloWorld model supports direct output at a resolution of 1024*1024 pixels, eliminating the need for high-resolution magnification. The quality of close-up portrait directly output is not inferior to the SD1.5 version, but there are still flaws when outputting distant portraits directly. Therefore, it is suggested to use ADetailer plugin, which can effectively correct the problems of distant faces.

  3. SDXL now allows for easier output using simple natural language prompts. It is recommended to try more natural language prompts, which will result in better outcomes when outputting AI realistic photos.

After multiple rounds of testing, the suggested drawing parameter settings are:

  • Steps ≥ 25

  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

  • CFG scale: 10

  • Size ≥ 1024x1024

  • ADetailer: open

Everyone is welcome to try HelloWorld and provide plenty of feedback. Your valuable opinions are very important for the next step of model improvement!

特别提醒使用HelloWorld 1.0模型时请务必记得添加触发词“leogirl”


SD1.5写实大模型已经发展到相当成熟的阶段,再要有明显的性能提升已不太可能。除非SD1.5平台有强心针技术横空出世,否则Moonfilm&MoonMix系列基本将停止更新。接下来我将把主要的精力投入到HelloWorld SDXL大模型开发中,目前1.0版本已开放下载,2.0版本正紧张制作中,预计将于9月初更新。


  1. HelloWorld 1.0模型使用必备的触发词是leogirl,除此以外,建议同时添加realistic和looking at viewer两个正向提示词。建议使用的负面提示词是:bad eyes, incorrect hands, worst teeth, abnormal anatomy, wrong lips, illustration, cartoon, painting。

  2. HelloWorld模型支持1024*1024分辨率直接出图,不需要高分辨率放大,目前在近景人像直出质感上不输于SD1.5版本,但直出远景人像时仍存在瑕疵,因此建议搭配ADetailer插件使用,可以很好地修正远景人脸问题。

  3. SDXL现在可以使用更简单的自然语言提示词进行出图,建议多多尝试自然语言提示词,输出AI写实照片时会有更好的效果。


  • Steps ≥ 25

  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

  • CFG scale: 10

  • Size ≥ 1024x1024

  • ADetailer: open



更新了Film Grain 2.0版本。本版本制作过程中对比测试了底模融合filmgirl lora,以及用filmgirl lora进行dreambooth训练时的效果区别,并将这两个大模型进行了融合与分层调节。经过多轮测试,Film Grain 2.0要比1.0在人像美感与肤色上效果更好。

另外本模型所展示的风景类示意图,其中冰原极光场景的提示词来自博主Sam Hui,确实相当漂亮。以此为借鉴,我还生成了其他一些风光场景的示意图,在此感谢!

Updated Film Grian version 2.0. During the production process of this version, I conducted comparative tests by integrating Filmgirl Lora into the base model and using Filmgirl Lora's training set for Dreambooth training. Then I merged the two large models obtained, and carried out hierarchical weight adjustment. After multiple rounds of testing, Film Grain 2.0 performs better than 1.0 in terms of portrait aesthetics and skin tone.

Additionally, the landscape sketches displayed in this model, including the glacier aurora scene inspired by the keyword from blogger Sam Hui, are indeed quite beautiful. Taking this as a reference, I have also generated some other landscape sketches, and I would like to express my gratitude here!


更新了Film Grain 1.0版本。该版本采用film girl LoRA的训练集照片训练Dreambooth模型。本模型的真实感显著提升

Updated Film Grian version 1.0. This version uses the training set photos of film girl LoRA to train the Dreambooth model. The realism of this model has been significantly improved

同时推荐搭配TEXTUAL INVERSION模型:bad_picturesnegative_hand Negative Embedding。这两个Negative Embedding模型不会显著影响到胶片的质感。

At the same time, it is recommended to use the TEXTUAL INVERSION model: bad_pictures, negative_hand Negative Embedding. These two Negative Embedding models will not significantly affect the film texture.


更新了Utopia3.0版本。相比Utopia 2.0模型,进一步提升了真实感

Compared with the Utopia 2.0 model, the sense of reality is further improved



Updated Utopia. This version is based on the Fantasy2.0 version, fine-tuned. While reducing the size of the model, the image realism is further improved.


更新了reality 3.0。这个版本在减少模型体积同时,图像真实感与面容美感进一步提升。

Updated reality 3.0. In this version, while reducing the size of the model, the realism of the image and the beauty of the face are further improved.