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Perpetual Diffusion 1.0

Updated: Apr 19, 2023
Checkpoint Trained
Apr 19, 2023
Base Model
SD 2.1 768
Epochs: 42
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About Perpetual Diffusion:

It's a finetune based on stable diffusion sd 2.1 768 but... it's train to output 1024x1024 for square. And it accept large ratio (panorama) with less duplicate than sd2.1 vanilla!

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Perpetual Diffusion - 2 versions:

Two versions of Perpetual Diffusions are available: Perpetual Sun and Perpetual Moon. Perpetual Sun is brighter, Perpetual Moon is darker.


You can use this kind of negative: "bad art, poorly drawn, blur, low quality, smooth, mutated, jpg artifacts, horror, over exposed, over saturated, undersaturated, amateur" "4k, high quality, very detailed..." seems to improve results in (positive) prompt


My ControlNet for sd2.1 are fully compatible with Perpetual!


The following license agreement governs the use of the Perpetual Diffusion 1.0 model. By accessing, downloading, or using the model or its derivatives, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions set forth in this license agreement.

Permitted Use:

Individuals or small teams (4 or fewer people) are allowed to generate images using the model and sell those images or use them for commercial projects. For commercial projects or sell image, the model (Perpetual diffusion - must be credited or you must obtain a prior written agreement. You must include a link to the model card and clearly state the full model name (Perpetual Diffusion 1.0).

Prohibited Use:

Engaging in illegal or harmful activities with the model. Earning revenue, distributing the model, its weights, or derivatives. Merging the model with other models, without maintaining adherence to this license. If you merge the model with other models, the terms of this license will continue to apply to the new combined model.

Non-Commercial Use:

You may host the model or any of its derivatives on completely non-commercial websites, apps, or other digital platforms, meaning that you are not earning any revenue or accepting any donations.

Commercial Use for generative AI platform:

If you want to use Perpetual Diffusion 1.0 as the only official generative AI platform licensed for the new model, contact the authors to obtain prior written consent.

Personal Compute Usage:

You may upload the model or its derivatives for personal compute usage on services such as Google Colab, provided that such usage is solely for personal and non-commercial purposes and does not involve any revenue or donations. However, you must include a link to the model card and clearly state the full model name (Perpetual Diffusion 1.0) in the uploaded materials.

Redistribution Restrictions:

Redistribution of the model weights is not permitted. If you wish to use the model for any other purposes, please refer to the other sections of this license agreement.

Responsibility and Liability:

The authors of the model claim no rights over the outputs that you generate. However, you are solely responsible for their use, which must not go against the provisions set in this license and must respect law in your country.

By accessing, downloading, or using the model or its derivatives, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this license agreement and agree to comply with all of them. Violation of any provision in this license may result in legal action against you.