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Updated: Jan 6, 2024
base modelanimewaifu2d
Checkpoint Trained
Jan 6, 2024
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 55,000
Epochs: 9

Maybe many people even me don't notice, that GOS is actually just a beta v0.2 model. When I made this model, it was purely with the intention of trying out the anime style, but I didn't expect the beta version to turn out so good, it even made me wonder how to manage to make it better, even Many people called it the best anime model at that time and even today there are still many people who love this GOS v0.2 model.

But beta is still just beta, it needs to be upgraded, or rather perfected, and today I will do that. With more than 4000 photos and more than 55,000 training steps, I have given it a completely new look, but still retains the unique nature of GOS, anime but not duplicated.

Fantasy lighting, more vivid, more camera angles, more effects, more facial expressions, clear images with higher resolution, and more anime characters.

The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is the slightly reduced NSFW potential, still very good. But anyway, I put over 4,000 pictures in there and not a single one was NSFW, so that's understandable, it's only slightly down compared to v0.2, it's pretty good compared to with most of the remaining anime models, so don't worry yet. Sometimes you even feel like it's getting better.

The negative prompt is very important, if you don't have a good enough one, don't hesitate to use the one I recommend

Note: I will turn on the generation on civitai until i posted this model on elsewhere

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negative prompt:

(worst quality:1.5), (low quality:1.5), (normal quality:1.5), lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, vaginas in breasts, ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)), collapsed eyeshadow, multiple eyebrow, (cropped), oversaturated, extra limb, missing limbs, deformed hands, long neck, long body, imperfect, (bad hands), signature, watermark, username, artist name, conjoined fingers, deformed fingers, ugly eyes, imperfect eyes, skewed eyes, unnatural face, unnatural body, error, painting by bad-artist