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Reshiram Lora

May 14, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 50
Epochs: 6
Trigger Words
white body
feathered body
finger claws
white hair
long hair
winged arms
feathered arms
+3 more

This is a lora for only anthropomorphic/anthroified/pokemorph reshirams. Reasoning given at end.

This has been updated to the finished release and I recommend it over the original; while I couldn't find more good images that didn't corrupt it in any way, 2 more epochs with some closeups on the heads to improve eye and hair quality did have an effect. Also, it can do males easier now and the chance of huge badonkers jumpscare is lessened, but still a threat.

Also, image #3 is black because I wanted to recreate a bad gen form an earlier model that looked cool and to end racism.

Use with any AnythingV3-based models and a strength of 0.7-0.8.

Tagging just "reshiram" works well, but if the chokers or feathers give you an issue then include some of these: white body, feathered body, winged arms/feathered arms, feathered wings/arm tuft, chokers, white hair, long hair, finger claws, tail/big tail. Tags with slashes should be used alternatively since they aren't meant to mix. The entire internet has also decided that reshiram is a milf, so male tags need a little extra weight, muscular helps as well or just using negatives for female features. No ferals, reasoning below.

As for the lack of regular non-bait reshiram:

I originally had a mix of feral and anthroified content in the dataset, and while it wasn't polluted by any specific images it seemed to have weird results even with an extreme anthroified bias. Forcing ((((feral)))) and negating pokemorph and anthroified did work, but the results all had four legs or turned into an anthro reshiram with a reshiram-horse hybrid (very good results but weird). Furry models were "better" but still put feral reshiram on four legs or cut it in half (???). I continued working on it and tweaking tags until I realized something: no one uploads sample images for my work, likely because it's too raunchy to post. I thought of that in the context of what's basically just an animal, and after a long 12 seconds of staring into space I wiped the feral images off of my drive and retrained without them. Instantly fixed everything and upped quality to boot. I might be a degenerate freak, but I have standards and will not create something that even tangentially might lead to beastiality/zoophilia content. Sure, it's an imaginary animal, but that doesn't change much and I don't feel comfortable with that. From here on out, any Lora's I create will only be of humans and anthros. I will commit degeneracy in the name of BIG FUNNY but I will never stoop to perversion.

TLDR: I'm not evil, just insane. I draw the line here, thanks for understanding.