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Johnson Diffusion Zenkai

Checkpoint Trained
Apr 22, 2023
Base Model
SD 2.1 768
Steps: 97,000
Epochs: 18
Training Images

Versions: LORA SD1.5 | LORA SD 2.1-768 | LYCORIS SD2.1-768

Zenkai System Explained:

Beta1 sub models, models can be conditioned to provide additional flavours.

  • Zenkai Ultra Hermit released 30 April 2023
    variation weights using my oldest successful recipe

  • Zenkai Ultra Shift TBA
    variation using a new recipe

  • Zenkai Ultra Instinct TBA
    variation using newest recipe

JDZ Beta1 - 22 April 2023
Beta1 is released for testing and evaluation. While convergence was reached, there are 230 styles/concepts contained within. This was trained on my original datasets used to create many CKPT / LORA already released on Civit. The Training Data contains combined instructions on making the most from this new versatile model format.

UPDATE - added new "" now includes Instructions.txt and Wildcards are now included for use with Dynamic prompts.

JDZ-CaptionList.txt - ~5000 Example prompts used in captioning the 230 sets
JDZ-StyleTriggers.txt - ~230 "Trigger words" used for each style

JDZenkai-GenPrompts2200.txt - ~4200 "GPT2 Generated Prompts" trained on the Caption List

(Above pictured) Wildcard files now included

  • Future releases will be trained to Epoch 40 (~200,000 steps)

  • The Beta1 model is currently trained to Epoch 19 (~97000 steps.

  • There are many ways to use this model as it contained all my CKPT styles in one model.

  1. You do not need to use Triggers and can prompt normally.

  2. You can prompt using words listed in DJZ-Styletriggers.txt to anchor to a specific style, or use multiple triggers with attention weighting to control the output.

  3. You can use one or more prompts as shown in the DJZ-CaptionList.txt.

  4. You can use the DJZ-CaptionList.txt and/or JDZenkai-GenPrompts2200.txt as a wildcard with Dynamic Prompts, simply place it into the /wildcards/ folder and rename it to your choosing.

    I trained a GPT2 Generator which created many variations on the Example Prompts, an example of these are the JDZenkai-GenPrompts2200.txt

This is an ongoing project so expect a LORA version next. It will take some time to create the LORA version due to a difference in the captioning. This is trained using a Parallel Dreambooth Method which prevents concept/style bleeding, but you can still mix by interpolating trained terms/triggers in the prompt.

TLDR there is a missing comma, can you find it?