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Star vs. the forces of evil - Star Butterfly

Apr 22, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 4,960
Epochs: 32
Trigger Words
star butterfly
green squid outfit
green spider outfit
horn hairband
shroom hairband
shroom outfit
rainbow outfit
sleep mask
princess dress

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Well, this week I realized that there are more than 2 sessions of this series. (I watched it years ago, and it was nice back then ^^).

So I went back and watched the first two sessions, and occasionally made screen caps of the characters, because I was thinking: I want to make LoRa available to all the characters that I care about.

I start the first batch with Star Butterfly the magic crazy girl, in most of her outfits (she changes them quite often, which is nice, considering that this is a western animation series). And the existing LoRa didn't tag the outfits properly, which is the main reason why I created my own ^^.

Additionally there will be Marco's Mom and Jacky Lynn coming up this weekend, they are currently in training :D


This was fun and due to the fact I wanted to train most of her outfits (there maybe some missing) I ended with 155 images. (v1 had just 128 but I actually forgot to put two more outfit to the training data. So I created v1.1)

Additionally instead of using repeats I moved to use epochs instead... this way I have way more control over the end result ^^ (But I think I nailed it with 32 epochs ;D)

This is the first time I've specifically tagged the model for specific outfits, it worked quite well in most cases (first I used deepbooru for tagging, but there was just too much unnecessary junk, so I started from scratch, and although the dataset tag editor helped a lot, it was still a pain).

Maybe I'll make an updated version to get a bit more training data for the outfits that didn't go so well. I only used the animated series, but maybe fanart / the comics could solve the problem of those missing outfits ^^