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Sep 06, 2023
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SD 1.5
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All in One / Any Case Version

  1. The shorter the prompt – the better the result
    You can now forget about extremely detailed, 8k, hyperdetailed, masterpiece, etc. You can still use them, but it's not necessary, because you'll get a masterpiece anyway. Just take a look at the demo images and their EXIF data.
    Masterpiece tip:
    If you still gonna use masterpiece token in your Prompt, trust me, the real power of this token you can see only if you keep your Negative prompt empty.

  2. Trigger Words
    You can boost the result by adding the mj token (at the start of the prompt), cozy or cinematic. You probably guess what mj means and how the magic works. So you have it.

  3. Cinematic
    I've completely revamped the cinematic token. As you can see, Deliberate v3 always strives to find reflections and create stunning results (without crazy prompting), much like Midjourney does.
    At the same time, sometimes we want to achieve the highest level that no photographer can reach. That's why I've redefined the interpretation of cinematic.

  4. NSFW
    Oh yeah, I've rebuilt many of the NSFW tokens to deliver perfect results with just one word. You can find all the details on my Boosty page.

  5. Dataset
    The dataset is truly enormous. In fact, this is the first public model on the internet, where the selection of images was stricter than anywhere else, including Midjourney. Deliberate v3 can work without negatives and still produce masterpieces. This became possible precisely because of the huge dataset. It's unique, it's massive, and it includes only perfect images. Just try typing any word, exclude the negatives, and you'll see that Deliberate knows what to show you without randomness. Even when you're trying to get some ugly result, it still provides you with a spectacular one.

  6. License
    The license type is CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. If you want to use Deliberate on your service and/or for commercial purposes, message me on Discord. If you are an individual, not a commercial organization, there are no restrictions for you. The philosophy is very simple – private individuals provide support for the model, not companies, so private individuals can do anything.

  7. Easter Egg
    Now you can stop arguing with people to prove what the best sampler in the world is. You can prompt my nickname on a 512 x 512 and see how good the image looks, count how many fingers the girl has, and check if there is correct sign text or not.
    From now on, you can just run batch Euler a and UniPC, for example, and see who make the job better.

Have fun ❤