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Style Asian Less

Updated: Apr 28, 2023
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Apr 28, 2023
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SD 1.5
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Most of the recent, good, training has been using anime and models trained on asian people and it's culture. Nothing wrong with that, it's great that the community and fine-tunning continues to grow. But those models are mixed in with almost everything now, sometimes it might be difficult to get results that don't have asian or anime influence. This embedding aims to assist with that. It can even change anime characters (though that wasn't the intended purpose).

I first created this when trying to make preview images for my South of the Border Style embedding. I was trying to get south american people and culture, but there was a lot of asian culture leaking into the generated images. This embedding fixed that. So it doesn't specifically race-swap asian to white-caucasian, it just removes asian so your prompts can be more effective with whatever other race or culture you're trying to portray.

How to use:
Use the negative prompt primarily, then use the positive prompts only if you need the additional help. There are 3 files to download.

  • Asian-Less-Neg: Use this one, place in your negative prompt at strength of 1.0

  • Asian-Less: Only use this in the positive prompt if you need the extra strength. On an asian-specific model for example.

  • Asian-Less-Toon: Only use this in the positive prompt if you need to remove anime-like features in illustrations.

Again, this isn't meant to race-swap, but to help get other race and/or cultures in your image generation without the influence of the asian image training. But like all models, the intended use and what you do with it are separate matters.

Do you have requests? I've been putting in many more hours lately with this. That's my problem, not yours. But if you'd like to tip me, buy me a beer. Beer encourages me to ignore work and make AI models instead. Tip and make a request. I'll give it a shot if I can. Here at Ko-Fi