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Ann Takamaki - Persona 5 (Two Outfits)

Apr 30, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Trigger Words
AnnTak, CasualCL, wearing CasualCL, red pantyhose, skirt, jacket
AnnTak, MetaCL, wearing MetaCL, bodysuit, clothing cutout

What does it do you ask? One of our first friends we pick in Persona 5, the catsuit wearing Ann and her general school attire is what I've included in this Lora. I was attempting to get both her dancing all night and her persona 5 strikers outfit in here as well, but there was too much leakage between the costumes. I'll probably release those two later in a separate release. To note, there is still some leakage even between these two costumes, as it views the red pantyhose and the red pants in the metaverse costume as too similar.

How to use it:

(I use Sampling Method DPM++ SDE Karras and Upscaler R-ESRGAN 4x+ Anime6B).

0.6 to 1 depending on model/lora/etc combination.

Main Triggers

AnnTak, MetaCL, wearing MetaCL, bodysuit, clothing cutout - Trigger word and prompt to get her metaverse outfit.

AnnTak, CasualCL, wearing CasualCL, red pantyhose, skirt, jacket - Trigger word and prompt to get her casual outfit

Extra, Extra!: Should be well trained and usable in most models. Images shown for example.

Picture Descriptions:

1-2: RevAnimated using just this Lora.

3-4: AnythingV3 with just this Lora.

5: AnythingV3 combo'd with my in progress Biker Chick Locon.

6-7L AnythingV3 combo'd with my in progress Good Maid and Naught Maid Locons..

8: AnythingV3 combo'd with in progress Succubus Locon.

9: AnythingV3 combo'd with my in Captured and Defeated Locon.

10: AnythingV3 combo'd with my in progress Cowgirl Locon.

11-12: AbyssOrange using just this Lora.

How was it trained?

It was trained on animefull_final with 28 images with the usual self-pruning and tagging and a wide range of different images. I like keeping my prompts simple for the first few pictures so that you can see it without a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo. Make your pictures better than mine though!

What's next for this?

I think it's fine? LMK.

What's next that isn't this?

More character Loras. (Elsa and Echidna from Re:Zero, Rupee and Volume from Nikke, Spectre Tenebria from E7, Zephia from Fire Emblem Engage, Ivy from Soul Calibur 5, Heine from Combatants Will Be Dispatched, Conqueror Lilias from E7, Evelynn from LoL (both base and All Out version), Tharja from Fire Emblem, Laharl-Chan from Disgaea 5, Miku from Idaten Deities, Kuribayashi Shino from GATE, Rin Sohma from Fruits Basket, Kasumi from P5, Ikumi Mito from Food Wars, Alice Nakiri from Food Wars, Lulu from FF10, Lucoa from Dragon Maid, Laharl-chan from Disgaea, Dominique de Sade from Vanitas, and Dos from One Punch Man.) And maybe Wilhelm van Astrea, my favorite Re:Zero husbando or a Prinny from Disgaea.

V2's of some of the previous Loras. Specifically make them more diversely acceptable with other models and LORA's.

I also have some more quite NSFW Locon's. I decided to list them as well, so if people have preferences on which to fix up first let me know. Specifically, Pony Bondage (specifically with the capability of being "riden"), X-ray Vision (glasses that give you x-ray vision of a girl), Revealing Clothes (just makes normal clothing even more revealing), More Brainwashing (in ideation for this still), Slime Corruption (transforms your waifu into a slime girl), Cowify (Make your waifu into a cow-girl), Bound Yuri (two girls tied up, breast to breast and likely kissing), Sultry Succubus Transformation, Tied up with vibrators (basically the waifu tied up with vibrators and being overwhelmed with pleasure), Beta Censorship (Automatically censors any images you create to make them BetaSafe), being stepped on, Robotification, Broken and Defeated (decently NSFW defeat scenario for the waifu getting abused), Petrified (I'm unsure if I should bother with this one anymore), Infection (this one is VERY nsfw, as the waifu is completely infected), Dominatrix (waifu becoming a dominatrix), Tentacles, Pillory, Latex Corruption, Combat Drone (hard to describe but basically making them a mindless sci-fi combat warrior), JAV Supervillain, Blacked, Hypnotized Harem, Hourglass Figure (just to make your waifu curvy), and Holding a Leash.

And, uh, I want to make a few SFW Locon's so I have a Pirate, Samurai, Tomboy, Delinquent (The delinquent girls in japanese schools specifically), GoodCop/BadCop (Locon with outfits for being a good and for being a bad cop), Maid (both normal and naughty variants), Racer Queen (Chiling sexily on a car), forest fairy, barbarian.

Or just give me some random suggestion or priority opinions. That works too.

I've also added a couple of my extreme NSFW preview images to my twitter ( Let me know if you think I should work on them more for a submission here.