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SalamanderKing Style (Unique 2D Cartoon Style)

Jan 29, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Trigger Words

Art style of SalamanderKing, please follow and support the artist if you like this LORA.

Please do share your creations here, I love seeing what you guys make.

this was trained on base 1.5, so it should work on most models, I had good results with Dreamshaper personally. I even tried it on anime models and it sometimes can work too, generally giving a less realistic and more cartoonish look (check the lizard barbarian example, it was made on EeireOrangeMix2) although I had mixed results with less realistic anime models.

it can generally give more cartoonish look, but it you want the distinctive art style of the artist then some things in the prompt can help a lot such as:

-face covered by shadow (since most of the art by the artist doesn't show faces) I included examples an similar prompts with and without it (the pink girl)

-long limbs (although you will often get many arms since a lot of the art features people/creatures with many arms, so play around with weighting and negative prompts.


-hat ?

-scary spooky ?

extra tips and hints:

- if you don't add background details then often you will get a simple colored background and the whole thing will have a more or less uniform color since this is how the artist mainly does single character portraits, and you will often get the color palette on the side, if you don't like this add the colors you want to the prompt or simple add background, time of day etc.

-Most of the data was on full body portraits, so it can be really handy to use hi-res fix for this one

- 5:4 ar seems to work well for this (512:640, 640:800 etc)

- for cool results without much prompting, try setting weight to 1, then simply writing: ayejaymakeart [[[character]]], then a color scheme if you want one (since the default favours blue) with low steps and explore, get the seeds you like and run a hires fix on them. the last three examples were using this method

-the weight really depends on the model, personally I've been using mostly around 0.75, and a range of 0.7-1. but I encourage you to experiment with different weights

-for some reasons weapons sometimes end up weird, i don't know if it is an issue with the LORA or the models

this wasn't an easy one to make, and captioning was a bit of a nightmare, but I'm quite happy with the results, hope you enjoy

I don't own any of the original art, all credit goes to the artist, and if the artist wishes, I will happily take this down