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Matoi Ryuuko (Kill La Kill) LoRA

Mar 13, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Trigger Words
matoi ryuuko
matoi ryuuko b
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Joined Nov 29, 2023

Update ( 3/12/2023) - Matoi RyuukoV3

  • I suggest using this LoRA at 0.7-0.8 weight for best results when using the matoi ryuuko tag.

  • I suggest using this LoRA at 0.9-1.0 weight when using the matoi ryuuko b tag.

  • These images were generated and only tested using AOM2, AOM3 A1, Corneo's 7th Heaven Mix, My Own Mix with the OrangeMix VAE and AnythingV3 VAE. (I'm lazy.)

  • Always add this to the prompt to activate her normally - matoi ryuuko

  • Always add a 'b' to Matoi Ryuuko to activate her different hairstyle and senketsu armor - matoi ryuuko b

  • She can be placed in any clothes but if you wish to put her in traditional clothes: matoi ryuuko, school uniform, black serafuku, suspender skirt

  • She can be placed in Senketsu: matoi ryuuko b, senketsu, suspender skirt

  • or matoi ryuuko b, senketsu, revealing clothes, thighhighs, suspenders, skirt

  • It can do portraits, upper body and cowboy shot pretty well at 512x512

  • I suggest generating at 768x768 for higher quality pictures. It's also suggested using this resolution for full body.

All pictures were upscaled using these settings:

  • Upscaler: Fatal-Anime 4x

  • Hires. Steps: 25

  • Denoising Strength: 0.5

  • Upscale by 1.5

Known Issues

  • Sometimes - It won't make her streak of hair but you can add streaked hair to fix that.

  • It will try to put Senketsu on most of her clothes that isn't her school uniform or battle armor.

  • Sometimes It will generate very faded blue eyes that It looks grey, you can add blue eyes to prompt to fix it.

Embeds and LoRAs used

Bad Prompt - Ekune Style LoRA

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For MRyuuko and MRyuukoV2 (OLD)

This is my first official LORA and it's for Matoi Ryuuko from Kill La Kill.

This was trained on 100 pictures of Ryuuko in her uniform. It was tested and generated on Corneo's 7th Heaven Mix and Anything V3 VAE.

I want to thank @lottalewds for helping me on LoRAs. Make sure to go check out his LoRAs.

Trigger word is matoi ryuuko and other descriptive tags.

I suggest using this LoRA at 0.75-0.8 and using matoi ryuuko, black serafuku, black skirt, red hair in the prompts.

It can recreate the scissor blade (sometimes).

MatoiV2 examples were created using the same seed, prompts, cfg scale and steps as V1 except the LoRAs weight is at 0.75.