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Checkpoint Merge
Apr 6, 2024
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 40,000
Epochs: 20
Usage Tips
Clip Skip: 2

If you ran into any troubles with my mix, please read description below. There is plenty of useful information. Also, you can contact me through message system on CivitAI.

Если вы столкнулись с каким-либо проблемами при использовании моего микса, пожалуйста, прочитайте описание ниже. Там есть много полезной информации. Также вы можете связаться со мной через чат на CivitAI.

Also try: DivineAnimeMix!


All models i've used before first release of DIvineElegance did not fit my requirements. I've decided to do something on my own to fix this issue. There was a lot of different mixes based on Anything v3 or v4 and i've taken it as a base as well.

At the beginning, it was a mix for my personal use, but it was warmly received by Unstable Diffusion discord community and some time later i've decided to share it here, on CivitAI.

Right now Divine series is my favorite models and quite unique thing for me. The main goal of DivineElegance - anime characters with as many details as it could have. Hair, clothes, backgrounds, all of this things should be beautiful, slightly more realistic and detailed.

I hope you also would like DivineElegance, so, stay tuned for newer versions of mix!


  • Use danbooru tagging for prompts

  • Do ->not<- use "masterpiece" or "best quality" tags (v9+)

  • Sampler: "Euler a" at / 30 steps

  • Cfg scale: 8

  • Clip Skip: 2 <---- VERY IMPORTANT

  • 99% of anime models only works with clip skip set to 2

  • ENSD (Eta noise seed delta) - leave blank

  • kl-f8-anime2 VAE

  • Negatives: (EasyNegative:0.8), (worst quality, low quality:1.2), blurry, bokeh, dof, fog

Recommendations (Hires Fix):

  • Upscaler: Remacri

  • Hires steps: 10-15

  • Denoising strength: 0.3

  • Upscale by: any


My colors are bleached out. What should i do?

  • You're missing a VAE file. For this mix i would recommend kl-f8-anime2 VAE. Just put it into SD folder -> models -> VAE folder. Then go to your WebUI, Settings -> Stable Diffusion on the left list -> SD VAE, choose your downloaded VAE.

If you want to get mostly the same results, you definitely will need negative embedding:

Don't use EasyNegative (or other embeddings) with Style LoRAs, it may ruin the style!

  • Until you like the result, of course.

Don't use a lot negative embeddings at the same time. It definitely will ruin any possible output on all models! If you want to use negative embeddings - use one for quality, and one for hands (if you want a placebo for hands).

Technical support:

If you're ran into any problem with my mix, you can DM me on discord:

troubledarkness - discord nickname.

I'll be glad to help | Буду рад помочь.


DivineEleganceMix Recipes (pre-v6)

Really BIG thanks to: