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Checkpoint Merge
Jan 5, 2024
Base Model
SD 1.5

Update 06/01/2024 :
V5 released :

  • New face model type

  • more realistic photography approach

Recommended setting :

Sampling method : DPM++ 3M Karras

Sampling Steps : 75

CFG scale : 7.5

Denoising Strength : 0.4

Update 24/8/2023 :

V4.5 released

  • new face model type

  • better body proportion

  • male support model

  • support different race type

  • better hands

Update 26/7/2023 :

V4 released

Update 16/6/2023 :

V3.8 released :

about this model :

  • new type approach of faces that different from previous version

  • 2.5D approach

  • flexible with any face type loras

About how to make creation with gift :

watch this video by Olivio Sarikas, he will tell you step by step how to make it, all gif posting that i upload all i learned from this video,

And don't forget to like and subscribe his videos, he share lot of awesome stuff about AI :)

Update 7/6/2023 :

V3.5 is released ! :

Update note :
- body type has been adjusted for more proportional

- face type adjusted

- overall little hand fix ( kinda )

- adjusted well with male model

- adjusted armor fantasy type for woman

here some comparison :

Update 2/6/2023 :

V3 is released !

about this version :
- Body and face is more mature like

- more sensual expresion

- merged with some new loras

- suitable for NSFW content

- can create MALE model

Bit reminder, all preview images in this version are using After Detailer Extension, so if you try just copy the prompt, the result might be different from the preview.
If you want install AD extension, just scroll , you will find the link and how to install.

Update 28/5/2023 :

About After Detailer extension :

there is a question : " i make with the same prompt, and the result for body proportion is same but but for some reason, there are some differences in the face... "
that's because i used the extension that called Automatic Face AI / After Detailer

basically this extension will enhance the face, it also enhance the hands.
It work on txt2img and img2img

i will show you the difference between not using AD and using AD :

first this one is not use AD :

here the example picture that include a loras, let say , in this picture , i like the angle and the body proportion, but the face is not my liking, so i want to change the face with the original ( not using lora )

then at After detailer extension, i chose the ADetailer model i chose , i just want focus only the face to be detailed. Then i put on positive prompt only focus on face,

on negative : you can copy same as the original prompt,

then click enable ADetailer and then go to generate

This is the result after using AD :

Here the comparison :

as you can see , the face is changing without change the angle or the proportion :

It can also enhance the face from far :

we already know, the result that when character from far, the face will become less detail, and sometimes it become worse, with the AD extension it will make the face more detailed, once again without change the pose or anything.

just go on the link , the tutorial will explain in there

and i add a video that i recommended from youtube , if you feel like confuse how to install etc, the video will guide you :

you can start at minute 6:00 for AD tutorial

I hope this will be help :)

New Update 22/5/2023:

V2 is released

if you want painterly / illustration style , use the V1.5

if you want 2.5D or realistic photography style , use the V2

New Update 20/5/2023 :
V1 update:

- the V1 just been reupload

-the loras in V1.5 are not merge with the checkpoint in V1.0

V1.5 update:

- now V1.5 ver change to safetensor

- the ckpt ver of V1.5 is no longger can be download

- the model have been update , with some loras that have been merged

model information :
this model are merge from

Meinamix, Chikmix and Darksushi

already baked VAE

recommended sampling method:
Sampler DPM++ SDE Karas : 20 steps

CFG Scale: 7

Resolution: 512x768, 768x512, 512x512, and 768x768

Hires.fix : R-ESRGAN 4x+Anime6b, with 7 steps at 0.1 up to 0.5 denoising

Clip Skip: 2

to find negative embeddings :

badhandv4 - AnimeIllustDiffusion - badhandv4 | Stable Diffusion Textual Inversion | Civitai

veryBadImageNegative - veryBadImageNegative_v1.3 | Stable Diffusion Textual Inversion | Civitai

VAE:ClearVAE - Main | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai

some loras that already merge with this model :

I hope everyone is happy with this model, can't wait to see your result!