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Tracen Staff (umamusume)

May 18, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 6,150
Epochs: 10
Trigger Words
akikawa yayoi
hayakawa tazuna
kiryuin aoi
anshinzawa sasami
kashimoto riko
Training Images
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LoHa of Tracen Staff in Umamusume: Pretty Derby. Put LoHa file in your stable-diffusion-webui/models/lora folder and write LoRA notation in prompt to applying LoHa. <lora:your_loha_name:weight>

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  • After careful consideration, I decided not to produce LoRA of the characters below.

  • If anyone wants the characters above, I will consider making them.

  • Except for the above, I will make the rest of the characters in Umamusume: Pretty Derby, unless there is a special notice.

Recommended options

  • LoRA weight around 0.7

  • Trigger words

    • Base

      • akikawa yayoi

        • (optional) horse ear, horse tail

        • these tags make her Northen Taste

      • hayakawa tazuna

        • (optional) horse ear, horse tail

        • these tags make her Tokino Minoru

      • kiryuin aoi

      • anshinzawa sasami

      • kashimoto riko

    • Casual look of Akikawa Yayoi :

      • cat on head, sun hat, white headwear, hat flower, blue rose, vertical stripes, striped ascot, vertical-striped shirt, open clothes, open jacket, blue jacket, cropped jacket, puffy long sleeves, buttons, high-waist dress, white dress, socks, shoes, blue footwear

      • (optional) folded fan, holding fan, hand fan

    • Casual look of Hayakawa Tazuna :

      • green headwear, bowler hat, hair ribbon, yellow necktie, wristwatch, formal, long sleeves, collared shirt, green jacket, buttons, double-breasted, green skirt, skirt suit, pencil skirt, black pantyhose, shoes, green footwear

    • Casual look of Kiryuin Aoi :

      • dress shirt, white shirt, collared shirt, frilled shirt collar, long sleeves, black vest, buttons, blue pants, black footwear, shoes

    • Casual look of Anshinzawa Sasami :

      • sunglasses, white gloves, pearl necklace, long sleeves, wide sleeves, open clothes, open coat, white coat, red dress, pencil dress, short dress, needle, thigh strap, shoes, red footwear, high heels

      • (optional) holding needle,

    • Casual look of Kashimoto Riko :

      • formal, long sleeves, collared shirt, wing collar, white shirt, dress shirt, vertical-striped shirt, buttons, striped, pinstripe pattern, pinstripe suit, black suit, black jacket, open clothes, open jacket, frilled sleeves, black belt, belt buckle, pant suit, black pants, black footwear, high heels

Use a model derived from or mixed with animefull model.

  • Settings

    • Stable Diffusion WebUI by Automatic1111

    • DPM++ Series(SDE Karras, 2M Karras, etc.)

    • about 20 steps, CFG scale 3.5~6.5

    • I recommend kl-f8-anime2.vae

    • CLIP skip = 1

    • Use Hires.fix to get higher quality image

      • Upscaler

        • Latent, Latent (nearest-exact), Latent (bicubic antialiased) or other Latent series.

      • Denoising strength 0.50~0.65

LoRA training info

  • trained on sd-scripts by kohya_ss.

  • based on Animefull-pruned model

  • 282 images consist of

    • 4x low quality 119 images

    • 8x medium quality 78 images

    • 16x high quality 85 images

    • => 1 epoch = 2460 images

  • replaced character feature tags with akikawa yayoi

    • 1girl, multicolored hair, brown hair, two-tone hair, animal on head, fangs, alternate costume, white hair, very long hair, fang, purple eyes, streaked hair, blunt bangs, orange hair, long hair, blue eyes, simple background, skin fang, blonde hair, solo, bangs, virtual youtuber

  • replaced character feature tags with hayakawa tazuna

    • 1girl, multicolored hair, horse girl, black hair, purple hair, brown hair, green hair, two-tone hair, ponytail, red hair, split ponytail, green eyes, aqua eyes, very long hair, low ponytail, simple background, long hair, solo, short hair, bangs, low twintails, twintails

  • replaced character feature tags with kiryuin aoi

    • 1girl, purple eyes, hair ornament, brown eyes, blunt bangs, blue hair, blue eyes, dark blue hair, black hair, hairclip, ponytail, grey hair, purple hair, asymmetrical bangs, solo, straight hair, short hair, medium hair, bangs

  • replaced character feature tags with anshinzawa sasami

    • 1girl, ahoge, horse girl, pink hair, simple background, long hair, blue eyes, horse ears, blonde hair, solo, swept bangs, very long hair, bangs, hair between eyes, lipstick, food, mask, beads, tattoo, heart, candy, bead, weapon, poke ball, garter straps, between fingers

  • replaced character feature tags with kashimoto riko

    • 1girl, virtual youtuber, hair between eyes, bangs, yellow eyes, purple hair, ahoge, green hair, short hair, green eyes, very long hair, brown eyes, alternate costume, red eyes, brown hair, hair behind ear, black eyes, solo, dark blue hair, blue hair, blue eyes, black hair, simple background, grey eyes, wavy hair, medium hair, purple eyes, long hair

    • I think these tags are the essentials of each of character or

    • unnecessary for training because of duplication.

  • resolution : 768x768 with aspect ratio bucketing.

  • other training settings is included in training data or metadata of LoRA file.

All uploaded images are generated by AOM3A1

And, special thanks to my best friend. DH.