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ReV Animated

Checkpoint Merge
Apr 16, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Pandora's Heart

April 28, 2024: added V2 Rebirth pruned


Thanks to S6yx for the creation of this beautiful model. Enjoyed by millions. With their permission, I, Zovya, will be maintaining it moving forward.

April 4, 2024: fp16 and +VAE added

April 2, 2024: Rebirth

Update 3: Disclaimer/Permissions updated

Update 2: I am no longer maintaining/updating this model

Update 1: I've been a bit burnt out on SD model development (SD in general tbh) and that is the reason there have not been an update. Looking to come back around and develop again by next month or so.Thank you everyone who sends reviews and enjoy my model

Pay attention to the About this version section of model page for specific version information. ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

Model Overview:

  • rev or revision: The concept of how the model generates images is likely to change as I see fit.

  • Animated: The model has the ability to create 2.5D like image generations. This model is a checkpoint merge, meaning it is a product of other models to create a product that derives from the originals.

  • Kind of generations:

    • Fantasy

    • Anime

    • semi-realistic

    • decent Landscape

  • LoRA friendly

  • It works best on these resolution dimensions:

    • 512x512

    • 512x768

    • 768x512



  • Order matters - words near the front of your prompt are weighted more heavily than the things in the back of your prompt.

  • Prompt order - content type > description > style > composition

  • This model likes: ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), (detailed) in beginning of prompt if you want anime-2.5D type

  • This model does great on PORTRAITS

Negative Prompt Embeddings:

Video Features

Olivio Sarikas - Why Is EVERYONE Using This Model?! - Rev Animated for Stable Diffusion / A1111

Olivio Sarikas - ULTRA SHARP Upscale! - Don't miss this Method!!! / A1111 - NEW Model

AMAZING SD Models - And how to get the MOST out of them!

Disclaimer (Updated 10/31/2023):

The license type is CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
Do not sell this model on any website without permissions from creator (me)

Credit me if you use my model in your own merges

You can use derivative models which uses ReV Animated for Buzz points and site-based currency that does not convert over to real world currency.

Do not use this model to monetize on other platforms without expressed written consent.