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HRA_hyperrealism art

Updated: Nov 08, 2023
Checkpoint Merge
Nov 08, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
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You can view the work I have created using this and other models on Instagram.

NSFW works are also submitted to patreon. If you like this model, support is always welcome!

2023/11/08 Another Version released

Since our pursuit of realism in SD1.5 has come to an end, we challenged ourselves to create a unique model this time. I think this model will produce a cute woman without using LORA. Instead, the realism of the model is a little less than the previous version.

If you want a more realistic stick, please try Ver. 1.3 to 1.55.

*The definition of cuteness varies from person to person.


2023/08/14 ver. 1.5.5 released

Indeed, previous HRAs tended to output Asian women, but in v1.5.5, we adjusted the merge distribution to portray Western women. I can say that my attempt was successful, and I believe that v1.5.5 inherits the characteristic background rendering of v1.5.


2023/08/05 ver. 1.5 released

Ver 1.5 has more background drawing. It will draw a detailed background even with only a single word, and will reflect detailed specifications to a reasonable degree. The figures are as realistic as in past versions, but the fingers are not as well drawn, so you will need to use LORA or embeddings to compensate for this.


2023/06/30 ver. 1.2.3 released

This model is an improved version of v1.2. I am good at bust-up pictures of Japanese women. 20s to 40s and a wide range of age groups. It is not quite good at portraying the whole body. Please refer to the gallery.


2023/06/07 ver. 1.4 released

While ver.1.3 specialized in Asian women, ver.1.4 has been adjusted so that European women can be drawn. Please use it according to your preference.


05/31 New version 1.3 was uploaded

Compared to 1.2, it is closer to Asian style and will output portrait-like images of young women.

It also inherits some of the features of 1.2, so depending on the prompts, you can also draw beautiful mature women!


The contents of v1.2 are the same as the previous version, and the models are good at drawing photo-realistic Asian MILFs.

To the negative prompt.

(middle age,adult,mother,mature female,milf:2)

for the negative prompt, a young woman can also be output.