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Alpha Lyrae

Updated: Jun 21, 2023
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Jun 21, 2023
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SD 1.5
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Hello Everyone! This model was crafted through the fusion of three models: Babe 2.0, POPE2.5, and Mistoon_Ruby.

  • 💻 Generating both 2D and 3D styles.

  • ✔ Flexibility to tailor the output to your needs.

  • 🖲 If you prefer a 3D style, simply include the term '3D' in your prompt and adjust the weight, "(3D:1.3)", to amplify the 3D effect.

  • 🖲 Feel free to experiment with weights up to 1.5, but be cautious not to exceed this limit to maintain a balanced blend with the 2D elements. This model offers a broad spectrum of style possibilities.

  • ğŸŽ VAE mse emma ( pruned version ) inclued

  • 📢 Your feedback is highly appreciated, as it aids in further refining the model. This description is just a starting point, and I'm excited to hear about the unique creations you make with it! Enjoy exploring what this model can do!

✨🙌 Special Thank @alexds9


In the vast cosmos of creative AI models, there exists a shimmering constellation named "Alpha Lyrae". This constellation is not just a singular star but a mesmerizing galaxy of artistic expression, broken into three distinct versions or 'editions' - each an embodiment of a different universe with unique styles, emotions, and themes.

The first version, "Terrane", stands as the bedrock, the core style of this model, with its roots firmly planted in the fertile ground of versatility. It's a chameleon, adept at changing its colors and forms, embracing both the flat expanses of 2D and the dynamic depths of 3D. A true jack-of-all-trades, it provides the broadest range of options, catering to creators who revel in exploring a wide canvas of possibilities. It echoes the diverse landscapes of our own Earth - ever-changing, multi-faceted, and full of life.

Next, we ascend into the ethereal realm with the "Heaven" edition. This version is like a gentle, pastel dawn after the versatile day and night of "Terrane". It paints the canvas of creation with dream-like strokes, evoking an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. This is where angels play, and the divine takes form. Each creation here feels like a sweet whisper from celestial beings, a soothing lullaby that echoes through the tranquil expanses of the heavenly firmament.

Finally, we journey into the realm of enchantment with "Avaloria". This edition is the song of the muses, a fantasy woven into existence with tones and scenes straight out of a fairytale. It's a storybook that never ends, where magic pervades the air and every creation tells a tale. This is a land of wizards and warriors, of castles in the clouds, and mysteries hidden in the shadows of ancient forests.

With "Alpha Lyrae", creators don't just generate - they embark on a journey. From the versatile landscapes of "Terrane", through the divine serenity of "Heaven", and finally into the enchanted realm of "Avaloria", every stop is a unique adventure. The creators become explorers, cartographers mapping out the intricate details of these worlds, uncovering their magic and themes.

Moreover, the model allows for a dynamic dance between 2D and 3D styles. A mere mention of '3D' in the prompt can add a new dimension to the creation, while adjusting the weight, "(3D:1.3)", can amplify this effect. It's a balance of elements, a harmonious blend that this model facilitates with finesse.

To conclude, "Alpha Lyrae" is not a fixed star but a constellation of artistic possibilities, a galaxy of creative exploration. Each edition is a different world waiting to be discovered, and the journey is just beginning. The creator's feedback will fuel this cosmic voyage, refining the model and revealing more of its magic. So, embark on this journey and let "Alpha Lyrae" be the guide to your own universe of creativity. Enjoy exploring what this model can do, and don't forget to share your unique creations with the world!

See you in other planets soon